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Unique Attraction

December 20, 2023
Photo by Umar Ganie

During the past couple of days, the tourist spots of Srinagar city witnessed a spectacular display of freestyle football, courtesy of two world-renowned champions, Aguska from Poland and Patrick Baurer from Germany. Their mesmerizing juggling skills took the spotlight at Ghanta Ghar, Lal Chowk, marking the commencement of their India tour. Aguska, a five-time world champion and two-time European champion of World Freestyle Football, had garnered attention globally after a video featuring her alongside Brazilian football legend Neymar Jr. went viral last year. Now, she, along with Baurer, was seen enchanting audiences in Srinagar. A significant crowd gathered at Ghanta Ghar Lal Chowk to witness the freestyle football maestros in action. Speaking to reporters after her performance, Aguska expressed her delight, saying, “Happy to be here, experience is nice, people are nice and we love the city. People love it as freestyle football is an art. The response has been great, and more and more people want to meet.” Baurer echoed her sentiments, conveying gratitude for the warm reception, stating, “We feel amazing and thank you so much for your love.” Their performances at other iconic locations like Nishat Bagh, Dal Lake banks, and even on a shikara over the past two days have not only enthralled the local population but also left a lasting impression on netizens. The official World Freestyle Football Championship, an event organized in various formats since 2008, stands as the premier tournament in the sport. Open to male and female freestylers worldwide, the finals of the World Championship showcase the most thrilling and competitive events, where athletes flaunt their skills on a global stage. Now, the question arises: how can this captivating display of freestyle football contribute to the tourism landscape of Kashmir and beyond? Firstly, the performances of Aguska and Baurer served as a unique attraction for both locals and tourists. Beyond the traditional charm of Kashmir’s landscapes, the introduction of such international sports and cultural events diversifies the offerings for visitors, making their experience more multifaceted and memorable. The videos and images shared on social media platforms have already become a marketing tool for the region. The picturesque backdrops of Srinagar, coupled with the incredible skills of the freestyle footballers, create compelling content that reaches audiences far beyond the region. The city’s tourism potential receives an inadvertent boost as these visuals circulate online, attracting attention and curiosity. Furthermore, the performances align with the global trend of promoting adventure and sports tourism. Kashmir, known for its serene landscapes, is gradually establishing itself as a destination for adventure enthusiasts. Integrating sports like freestyle football into the tourism narrative can draw a specific demographic of travelers seeking unique and adrenaline-pumping experiences. The presence of international athletes in Kashmir also fosters cultural exchange. Beyond the sports arena, such events provide an opportunity for locals to interact with individuals from different parts of the world, fostering understanding and breaking down cultural barriers. This exchange contributes to the region’s cultural vibrancy and promotes a more inclusive and open-minded atmosphere.

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