M Aamir Khan

Koshur from Bagh-e-MaGarmaL
January 27, 2024

Gender Inclusiveness

The Directorate of Tourism in Kashmir has taken a noteworthy step by announcing to register and train a batch of 100 female tourist guides. This initiative aims not only to promote gender inclusiveness but…

Air Quality

Parts of Kashmir valley remain covered in a dense layer of fog in the mornings these days. This phenomenon has yet again drawn the attention towards air quality in Srinagar. The government…
December 30, 2023

Covid Returns

In the wake of the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring the coronavirus subvariant JN.1 as a variant of interest due to its rapidly increasing spread, concerns have risen globally about the potential…
December 23, 2023
Photo by Umar Ganie

Unique Attraction

During the past couple of days, the tourist spots of Srinagar city witnessed a spectacular display of freestyle football, courtesy of two world-renowned champions, Aguska from Poland and Patrick Baurer from Germany.…
December 20, 2023

Equal Opportunities

The International Day for Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) was observed across Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday. This year’s theme, “United in action to rescue and achieve the SDGs for, with, and by…
December 5, 2023

Walking Pneumonia

The recent surge in walking pneumonia cases in China, particularly affecting children, has once again brought the country’s healthcare system into the global spotlight. Concerns have arisen about the possibility of a…
November 29, 2023

Fighting Fire

During the past few weeks, Kashmir valley has witnessed a concerning surge in fire incidents. The recurrent occurrence of such tragedies highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive and proactive approach from…
November 28, 2023

Apple ‘threat’

A total of 7,267 metric tonnes of apples have been imported from Iran and Afghanistan over the past month or so. The impact of this influx has sparked concerns among the valley…
November 18, 2023
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