Abhishek Kumar Evicted from Bigg Boss 17, Ankita Nominates Him

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In Mumbai, the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 17 over the weekend will reveal a startling twist. Abhishek Kumar, a highly acclaimed and much-anticipated participant of the season, has been evicted from the house. It is indeed accurate, as you have read.

The decision came after an incident of his physical fight with fellow contestant Samarth Jurel during the week.

The clash occurred on Wednesday’s episode when Samarth mocked Abhishek’s mental health, leading to a heated exchange of words. The situation escalated when Samarth threw a blanket on Abhishek, and Isha Malviya further fueled the tension by making derogatory remarks about Abhishek’s parents, challenging him to break the TV.

The breaking point came when Samarth climbed onto a table and touched Abhishek, provoking him to lose his temper and slap his former Udaariyaan co-star.

Abhishek Kumar Eliminated From Bigg Boss 17

According to insiders, captain Ankita Lokhande, in consultation with other housemates, took the decisive step to remove Abhishek from the Bigg Boss house due to his behaviour.

The Khabri and Bigg Boss Tak confirmed Abhishek Kumar’s elimination from Bigg Boss 17 house.

Fans have expressed their anger over this elimination decision on social media platforms.

The incident and its aftermath are expected to be showcased in tonight’s episode.

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