Watch: Indian family swept away by violent wave on Oman’s Mughsail beach

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In a tragic incident, three members of a family from Maharashtra’s Sangli got swept away off the coast of Salah al-Mughsail in Oman. The father who was washed away with his two children is reported to have died.

The unfortunate incident took place on Sunday afternoon when three persons from Sanglis’ Jat taluka were swept away by the sea waves in Oman.

The terrifying video, which has gone viral on the social media, shows deadly waves swept away people at the beach.

The video shows three young females posing on the rocky shores of Salalah Al Mughsail beach for photographs despite the violent waves.

Soon, as the waves land they lose their balance and fall to the ground. While one woman was seen being pulled away by a man, others were being washed away as they cried for help. Two men are seen rushing to help and they could extend their hands to pull them out in time.

Five others were also swept away by the strong waves when they were seen too close to the powerful tides.

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