Viral Video: Truck Carrying Chicken Crashes on UP Highway; Then This Happens…

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In Agra, Uttar Pradesh, the resilience of Indians to turn challenges into opportunities unfolded vividly today when a car pile-up amid dense fog resulted in an unexpected windfall for many families. The cause behind this stroke of fortune? Among the vehicles involved in the crash, one was transporting chicken.

The multi-vehicle collision occurred on the national highway, causing damage to at least a dozen vehicles. Reports confirmed casualties, with one fatality and several injuries. Emergency services swiftly transported the injured to hospitals, while a crane was summoned to clear the wreckage and reopen the road.

Footage from the crash site displayed the aftermath of the fog-induced pile-up, depicting three vehicles, including trucks, severely damaged.

One of the vehicles carried broiler chicken, bred specifically for meat production. News of the chicken spillage quickly spread, prompting people to collect chicken from the scene. Some individuals showed entrepreneurial spirit by bringing sacks to maximize their gains. Commuters, both on foot and on bikes, appeared to plan multiple trips to gather the spillage.

The truck was carrying approximately 500 chickens valued at nearly ₹ 1.5 lakh.

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