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‘Brain Hemorrhage’: Fortis Mohali offers advanced ‘Interventional Neuroradiological’ procedure

April 27, 2024

Srinagar, April 27: Hemorrhagic brain stroke is a major cause of long-term disability and even death. The life-threatening medical condition leads to irreversible damage to the brain cells. However, with the emergence of advanced healthcare technologies, Endovascular Therapies such as Aneurysm coiling and Flow diversion AVM embolisation are available 24×7 at select hospitals such as Fortis Hospital Mohali.

In one such case, the team of doctors led by Dr Prof Vivek Gupta, Additional Director, Interventional Neuroradiology, Fortis Hospital Mohali, recently saved the life of a 45-year-old woman based in Jammu. She was rushed to the facility after suffering a stroke for 12 hours.

The Patient complained of severe headache, which had occurred suddenly and its intensity had increased over time. The CT scan of brain revealed brain hemorrhage or brain aneurysm.

A brain aneurysm is a balloon-like swelling in the brain’s blood vessels. It typically forms at a weak spot where the arterial wall bulges and fills with blood. A ruptured aneurysm may result in brain damage, stroke, or even death if not managed immediately.

Dr Prof Gupta repaired the brain aneurysm, which had caused massive bleeding in the brain through a pinhole surgery, also termed Endovascular Coiling. The patient had a smooth recovery and was discharged 10 days after the surgery. She has recovered and is leading a normal life today.

Discussing the case, Dr Prof Gupta, said, “Endovascular Coiling is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves inserting a catheter into the brain artery to block the aneurysm from inside. In this therapy there is no need to open the skull, shave the head or given any blood transfusion. The entire treatment is done on advanced machines through a small hole in the leg. Traditional treatment methods like open surgery involved opening up the skull and removing a bone along with handling of the brain. All this can be avoided by Aneursm Coiling.”

Dr Prof Gupta further said, “Fortis Hospital Mohali is one of the few centres in the North Region to offer 24×7 advanced Neuro-interventional treatment and comprehensive stroke care, including newer imaging methods like CT Perfusions and advance therapies like Aneurysm coiling, Flow Diversion, Spinal AVM treatment, Mechanical Thrombectomy for stroke and Carotid Stenting, to the patients round the clock. 

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