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‘Politically motivated’, ‘delusions of grandeur’: Kashmir politicians react to CS Subrahmanyam’s remarks

File photo of Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam

Srinagar: Kashmir politicians are riled up after Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam’s remarks that J&K was a ‘broken state’ without any ‘proper system’ where “frauds were committed by leaders of mainstream parties and separatists organisations.”

On Saturday, National Conference said the allegations of the Chief Secretary are “baseless, politically motivated and intended to evade the genuine concerns of the public on the failures of J&K administration on every conceivable matrix.”


In a statement, NC Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said that it can’t be a coincidence that “BJP and its leadership has been parroting the same line of thought over the past one year.”

Recently in an interview, Subrahmanyam said the J&K was a ‘broken state’ without any ‘proper system’ where frauds were committed by leaders of mainstream parties and separatists organisations.

“Therefore, not a single soul had cried over the detention of political and separatist leaders in August last year, when the Centre announced its decision to revoke Jammu and Kashmir’s special status under Article 370 of the Constitution,” the CS said as per reports.

To it, the NC said that the “language used by CS while hurling allegations against mainstream political parties is exactly similar to what BJP is saying.”

“If he is so keen to be a politician, I would suggest that he quit his job and join politics. With the kind of comments he has made on the J&K’s situation post August 05, the veiled political affiliations of J&K’s top bureaucrats have finally come forth before people,” Dar said.

He said that such allegations from a civil servant “put a big question mark on his professionalism, work culture and impartiality”.

“It is quite alarming where a serving civil servant is overtly spewing venom against the entire mainstream political spectrum to hide the abject failures of the administration under him since 20 June 2018,” the NC said.

People’s Conference too reacted to the CS’s remarks calling them “delusions of grandeur.”

In a statement, party spokesperson Adnan Ashraf Mir said that the Chief Secretary needs to “speak within his pay and grade.”

“Kashmir has this problem where people get delusions of grandeur. It seems like the Chief Secretary is the latest victim of the same set of delusions. We extend our sympathy and hope he comes out of it. We also hope that Delhi comes out of their delusions. If the utterances of the Chief Secretary are any indicators of what he thinks of himself and this is what he briefs his bosses in Delhi, then Delhi doesn’t need enemies in Kashmir. Talk of inventing a lie and then believing in it. He takes the cake.”

People’s Conference leader Imran Raza Ansari lashed out at Subrahmanyam and said that he takes pride in dismantling and discrediting mainstream.

He wrote on Twitter: “So MR CS. Now u have been here for two years. And u have been the boss. Wonder how many people will cry if u r arrested. Hope u focus on ur job rather than dabbling in politics. Please for god’s sake do your job what you are best at Decide new date for meeting).”

Retweeting Ansari’s tweet, PDP commented: “Sad state of affairs when a top bureaucrat no less than Chief Secretary  takes pride in dismantling & discrediting mainstream in #Kashmir and brags about @PMOIndia @narendramodi backing.”

PDP’s Naeem Akhtar too had his say. He tweeted: “The fact that he timed it with the swearing in of new LG adds a different dimension to it, given the impression that the new incumbent is to revive ‘political process’. Interesting timing and method to help achieve that.”