Common cold during Kashmir winters: 8 ways to get rid of it in 24 hours

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With the fresh spell of rain and snow, cough and cold infections are likely to come down in Kashmir. Also because of COVID-1, we have been less exposed to cold and cough and maybe our immune system has also weakened. Many of us still ‘Google’ to find out the difference between Cold and Corona!

To start with both Cold and Coronavirus share common symptoms. Fever, chills, body aches etc. The important part is not to panic. If you feel the same symptoms for a few days get tested for Covid. But meanwhile do try to get rid of the cold and running nose.

There is also confusion about the common cold and flu since they both have similar symptoms as well.

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The Kashmir Monitor offers some time-tested advice on how to get rid of a cold in 24 hours.

How many days can a cold last?

On average 5-7 days and the virus goes away with over the counter medicines.

What are the symptoms?

Running nose, sore throat, head and body aches, cough, sneezing, fever etc.

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How to treat Cold

1. Drink lots of water: It’s important to drink as much water ( preferably warm) to ‘flush’ the cold and keep your throat lubricated. Avoid sugary and milky drinks as the presence of mucus makes it worse.


Try and drink water with lemon or as much Kehwa as possible, add a string of saffron to it. Fresh turmeric tea is also great for easing inflammation.

2. Vitamin C: Any medic you know will tell you how important Vitamins are for fighting infections.


Have loads of citrus fruits, papayas, broccoli. They will fuel your body with Vitamins.

3. Patchi Rass (Trotter soup): Don’t underrate our traditional Kashmiri ‘Patchi Rass’.


It has many nutrients like gelatine, collagen and minerals to help quicken the healing process. If you feel add some garlic to it as garlic has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-catarrhal properties. Chillies also act as natural decongestants.

4. Look for the Sun: While combating a cold Vitamin D is essential. It helps regulate the immune response. In winter many people become Vitamin D deficient as they stay indoors. Even if it’s chilly step out for at least 15 minutes a day. If you can’t take Vitamin D supplements. D also helps fight depression, bone and heart issues.

5. Chill, literally: Even when we are feeling unwell we seek to push forward. Stop it’s not good. We are not invincible.

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Turn your phone off, turn off the Wi-Fi. Grab your pillow, pull your blanket and relax. It just won’t help you heal quicker but is also a perfect remedy for a cold wintry day.

6. Sleep, Sleep and Sleep: Sleeping and resting are two different things. You can also rest with your eyes open.

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Sleep is Sleep. It is the key to resting your boy reset and fighting infections. If you have a cold all the more reason to sleep more. Don’t think just sleep.

7. Keep air moisturised: In winters every warm gadget is turned on. Whether is the tiny Kangri or the big Bukhaari. All of them cause the air to dry which can lead to throat irritation.

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Try a humidifier or much easier just keep some water in a big utensil in any corner of your room. It also helps in loosening congestion.

8. Buy some honey and Saffron: Even science suggest Honey is more effective than many medicines to treat the common cold.

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Add it to some warm water and keep gulping. If you want to be warmer add a string of Saffron. It also works wonderfully with kids and helps pull down the severity of coughs.

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