Watch: Mobile Phones First Ruined Humans, Now Dogs

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Golden Retrievers, known for their love and loyalty, are wonderful friends. They not only show affection but also make the bond fun by copying our actions. Their love for comfort makes them happiest in cozy, connected spaces.

A cute video recently went viral, showing a Golden Retriever puppy on a comfy bed, enjoying a show on a phone. The relaxed puppy, fixated on the screen, looks so content. This heartwarming scene resonated with many, highlighting the special connection we share with these playful companions and the joy found in simple pleasures.

The Instagram page Animals Lover shared the puppy video with a caption asking, “Is this how everyone spends their weekends?”

Watch the video here:

The video has gained immense popularity, garnering over 9 million views and attracting more than 27,000 comments on Instagram.

“Mobile phones first ruined humans, and now dogs,” commented a user.

“So this is what reincarnation looks like if you come back as a puppy,” wrote another user.

“Every day, I think more and more that dogs know everything, but they pretend they don’t know how to work,” commented a third user.

Just like this Instagram page, many platforms have a lot of interesting dog videos. These videos are especially popular on websites and apps like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. It’s like a never-ending dog show where you can find videos of puppies playing in the park, dogs skateboarding like pros, or even heroic dogs saving the day.

The reason why people love watching dog videos so much is because they make us happy. Seeing these adorable animals having fun or doing something amazing just warms our hearts and puts a smile on our faces.

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