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‘The Quest’: A journey of self-discovery through ‘Chahat’

April 13, 2024

By Tousif Raza

In the soulful depths of human emotions, “Chahat” (The Quest) is often considered one of the most fundamental and essential feelings. It is only this quest that continually propels human beings to be on a journey of discovery. The literal meaning of desire is to be inclined towards something, to have a longing to attain it and human beings express their desires not only through tangible pursuits but also through intangible qualities such as passion. Through talking about the word “Chahat” as our focal point, let’s delve into some insights inspired by the poem of Masroofa Quadir “Chahat”. By immersing ourselves in the oceans of knowledge and wisdom, we will explore the various hues of this poem (The Quest ) that can emerge when the word “Chahat” is metaphorically crafted to uncover the depth and complexity it holds within metaphorically.

Masroofa’s poem “Chahat” is a poem with a wonderful and profound exploration of the human experience of longing, journey, and eventual realization. The poem takes the reader on a metaphorical journey, delving into the depths of the human soul and the trials one faces in pursuit of fulfillment. Through vivid imagery and emotive language, poetess captures the true essence of the quest for purpose and the bittersweet nature of discovery. Before moving ahead let’s read the english translation of this soulful poem

The Quest

In solitary search, my sole desire

Within my heart, a burning fire

Through deserts hot and cities cold

In sun and shade, my tale is told

I wandered far, my weary feet

In towns and fields, my quest complete

Yet when exhaustion took its toll

Yearning whispered to my soul

Behold, before me stands the goal

Though stumbling, I reach my role

But alas, what wonder now I see

You, lost in another’s reverie

Embarking on a journey new

Leaving me behind, sans rescue

Yet my journey, though alone

Shall find solace of its own

In chains of pain and fear

In tears that stain my weary face

May I too find the balm I seek

In the tears upon my cheek

The poem opens with a sense of determination and yearning, as the speaker embarks on a solitary search driven by an intense desire burning within their heart. This desire serves as the catalyst for the journey, propelling the speaker through various landscapes and experiences. The imagery of “deserts hot and cities cold” suggests a journey fraught with challenges and contrasts, symbolizing the highs and lows of life’s path.

As the speaker traverses through these diverse terrains, they confront exhaustion and weariness, yet remain steadfast in their quest. The phrase “my quest complete” implies a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, suggesting that the speaker has overcome obstacles and reached their intended destination. However, this moment of triumph is quickly overshadowed by a poignant realization—the object of their quest is lost in the reverie of another. This revelation introduces a theme of disillusionment and heartache, as the speaker grapples with the realization that their journey has led them to an unexpected outcome. The imagery of being “left behind, sans rescue” conveys a sense of abandonment and loneliness, highlighting the transient nature of human connections and the unpredictability of life’s twists and turns.

Despite the disappointment and sorrow, the speaker finds solace in their solitude, recognizing that their journey holds its own form of redemption. The phrase “Shall find solace of its own” suggests a sense of resilience and inner strength, as the speaker acknowledges the transformative power of their experiences. The poem concludes with a poignant reflection on the nature of suffering and healing. The imagery of “tears that stain my weary face” evokes a sense of vulnerability and emotional rawness, yet amidst the pain, there is a glimmer of hope. The tears become a symbol of catharsis and renewal, as the speaker embraces the healing power of their own tears.

In essence, of quest is a deeply introspective and evocative poem that explores themes of longing, journey, and self-discovery. Through its rich imagery and poignant reflections, Masroofa Qadri invites readers to contemplate the complexities of the human experience and the transformative nature of the quest for fulfillment. Indeed, it is a desire that can weigh heavy on the human heart and encompass its essence. Quest is a potent and resilient emotion within the human psyche, capable of unveiling myriad facets of nature’s power and unveiling countless hidden truths, all while grounded on a steadfast principle. However, if this same quest falls into the grip of negativity, it can lead humanity astray, standing on the threshold of ruin. The poetess has, in a sense, captured this theme by wielding her pen, imparting to us the sensation that upon this vast canvas, human journey, countless, if not millions, of verses could be inscribed. It is as though through writing poetry under the title of “Chahat,” the poetess is inviting all the writers to behold humanity through the lens of such a significant title and to explore new horizons through the medium of poetry.

The author is an english literature student from Tangmarg and can be reached at tousifeqbal555@gmail.com

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