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New Year Resolutions for Students!

By Dr. Shahid Amin Trali

The New Year 2019 is a great time to reflect on the changes our students want to make in life. We will see great men/women welcoming the New Year with some good personal resolutions. Our students are not an exception and can do the same too. As a student, there are some resolutions that will help them greatly to ensure educational success. This world will be a happy place if we value the humanity. It is an honesty and transparency that makes easier for someone to connect with others. Our students must know the right manners; deal with rude people in the right ways. Let’s avoid offending and troubling people and ensure that others perceive us as good and trustworthy citizens of society.

As the saying goes, ‘sound mind in a sound body’, students must stick to the healthy habits and improve their concentration and mental skills. They must start eating healthier food, and less food overall. Switching to a healthier diet can be incredibly tricky when we are surrounded by cheap junk food. However, with a good amount of determination students can slowly develop healthier eating habits. We must not waste food but feed humans who are hungry in our neighborhood, streets, roadsides etc. Our students must be kind to insects, birds and animals etc.

Students need to become more organized in their tasks. It doesn’t matter how much time we have in our hands if we can’t manage it properly – we’ll just spend most of the day running around aimlessly. The serious concern that has gripped the society is time mismanagement. Undoubtedly being timely and punctuality is a virtue that is held in high regard in our society and being on time is treated a sign of a professional, reliable and a caring person. Ah! But no one cares. Students must treat time as money and wasting it as losing a precious asset of life.

The biggest barrier that keeps our students from reaching their goals and objectives is the desire to calm down and do something amusing instead of putting in our best efforts. We all need to put in a lot of courage to change this bad habit. Fear and insecurity are also the cause of several problems for our students. Students must control their fear rather than overcoming it and it will enable them to shed off a lot of the insecurities that they have. Well said, that courage is not the absence of fear but mastery of it. Moreover, stress they say is one of the biggest killers out there and hinders our progress. But stress to some limits is good only if it improves our performances and outcomes. And, not all stress is bad. In small doses, stress can help students accomplish objectives and prevent them from getting hurt. Our bodies are designed to handle small doses of stress but not long-term, chronic stress. Let’s control our stress to make it more contributive for us and not let it take the charge.

In today’s internet and digital age, we can easily find the heaps of information from many sources but end up with the wrong information. Students need to learn more and more from authentic and reliable sources and use their knowledge in the right ways. They must turn their hobbies into a promising career. If they could all manage to find a successful life ahead through their own interest, fun and productivity, what better they need in life? This can immensely contribute to the society as their passion will lead to good performances and outcomes. Let’s not force something in life that has no future ahead.

A good mentor is a person who has reached to a level where our students want to be physically, mentally and educationally. Our students can choose multiple mentors; however, it is always better to follow one great mentor in life. Students must find a great mentor and follow his or her path. There is never en end to learning and our students can go beyond their subjects to gain more knowledge and emerge as future leaders. Students can take an elective course, or find a club with like-minded individuals to enjoy new experiences and develop new skills. Everyone has the capabilities to tell stories but greatly lack the confidence and skills to write everything down. Even if it is just a few random thoughts our students shouldn’t be afraid to give writing a go. It’s just a matter of time and with continuous practice one can turn into a smart writer.

Money is something very important in this world. In addition to the basic requirements, money helps us achieve our life’s goals and supports our family, education, health care, charity, adventure and fun etc. But large money has its own limitations too. It can just as easily make us exhausted, escapist, selfish, and lonely etc. It is not bad to earn more and more money. But even the best of money with us can prove small if we are not using it properly. Students must spend money on essentials and use it smartly and efficiently.
Using gadgets and social media mainly by our students have turned into a matter of serious concern when they are not using it properly. If we are aimlessly spending long hours using gadgets and social media, it’s time to make a change. A good company matters a lot. Students must spend more time with the people that matter most to them and who can bring in them more and more confidence.

Our students must quit alcoholic drinks and cigarettes altogether which has put our life in danger. It will not only endanger their health, but can burn a hole in their wallets as well. Staying fit and healthy should be the top priority of our students. Regular checkups are a must, no matter how healthy we feel at the moment. Dress sense gives us power, confidence and an advantage in seeking good response as a student or a job seeker or as a professional. Students must learn how to dress with style. Students must not be destructive to the rich environment. They must take the responsibility to safeguard the richer resources. They must treat public assets as their own and value them most as treasure.

The gist of all resolutions is a strong promise that our students must improve day by day, month after month and year after year and so on. Let’s be SMART in our new-year resolutions. I wish you a very Happy New Year 2019.

(The author is Assistant Professor, ITM University Gwalior besides and Educator at Unacademy and Editor in Chief at He can be reached at: Email- [email protected])