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‘Nal se Jal’

August 3, 2023

Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) is a visionary initiative that seeks to ensure every household in the country receives ‘Nal se Jal’ – water supply from tap connections. Launched in 2019, the JJM’s noble mission holds the potential to transform lives and communities, uplifting millions by providing them with the most basic necessity for survival – safe drinking water. Now, authorities in J&K have kick started the ‘JJM Fortnight’  during which senior level officers would visit the site of Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) works to ensure that each household in the UT receives ‘Nal se Jal’. During this ‘JJM Fortnight’, which would culminate on 15th of this month Special Gram Sabhas would be called to hold threadbare discussion on JJM works and people sensitized about manning those assets successfully. Moreover debates, painting competitions, rallies, street plays in schools would be conducted to make it the campaign of all age groups and the whole population. Jammu and Kashmir, despite its diverse terrain and varying water availability, has faced its share of water-related challenges. Many households, especially in remote and hilly areas, have struggled to access clean and safe drinking water, leading to hardships and health issues. The JJM recognizes the urgency of addressing this issue and strives to make a positive impact on the lives of the people in the region. The mission’s approach emphasizes the involvement of local communities in planning and executing water supply schemes. By doing so, the JJM instills a sense of ownership and responsibility among the residents, making them active participants in the region’s development journey. The focus on community engagement and decentralization ensures that water management practices are tailored to the unique needs of each area, promoting sustainability and long-term impact. Moreover, the JJM’s efforts extend beyond providing access to water; they encompass a broader vision of water conservation and management. Rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge, and promoting water-saving practices are essential components of the mission. By embracing these practices, the people of Jammu and Kashmir are securing their water future and nurturing sustainable ecosystems.  Officials in J&K have maintained that the objective of the Mission is to bring tap water to every household of the country and it is going to be realized soon in J&K. The Jal Jeevan Mission’s achievements in Jammu and Kashmir are a testament to the government’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens in the region. However, challenges persist, and further progress requires continued dedication and collaboration among all stakeholders. Efficient resource allocation, innovative solutions, and public awareness campaigns are crucial in ensuring the mission’s success. Furthermore, the Jal Jeevan Mission is not just about water supply but also about water conservation. The mission actively promotes rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge, and water resource management initiatives to ensure a holistic approach to water. As residents of Jammu and Kashmir, it is incumbent upon us to actively support and participate in the Jal Jeevan Mission. By conserving water, promoting sustainable practices, and embracing the spirit of community participation, we can amplify the impact of this noble initiative.

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