Man in Bunny Helmet Rides Bull on Bustling Road, Sparks Public Outcry Over ‘Nuisance’ Act


A video of a man riding a bull on Delhi roads while wearing a rabbit-themed helmet is going viral on social media. The clip was shared on Instagram by a user named Bull Rider. In the video, the man was spotted sitting on the bull holding its leash and guiding the animal to walk further. He was also seen wearing a rabbit-themed helmet while galloping through a busy Delhi road on a buffalo. “Petrol mehnga hua to ab mene usko uski bhi aukaat dikha dee (As petrol got expensive, I showed it its place),” the text on the clip read, referring to the increasing price of petrol. 

Watch the video below: 

The video was shared on the platform late last month and since then it has accumulated more than 193,000 likes and over 3.8 million views. Instagram users were quick to react to the video. While some commented on how the act was simply animal cruelty, others were surprised that the man was not stopped by any police officer. 

“Bulls are not for you to sit. Stop abusing animals,” wrote one user. “Jobless mindless,” said another. “Respect all animals,” expressed a third. “Public nuisance,” commented fourth. 

The Instagram user, Bull Rider, enjoys more than 50K followers on the platform. His page shows that he frequently takes out the bull on busy traffic roads and stuns commenters on his way. Of the many reels uploaded on his account, one clip shows him riding along a young kid and another shows a helmet-less policeman merely looking at the rider and continuing on his route. In the videos, commuters are also seen approaching the man for selfies.

Meanwhile, in another similar incident, a man was recently spotted with a Pikachu-themed helmet. A police officer spotted him and his reaction to the man’s unique safety gear left the internet in splits.

In the video, a man is seen standing next to a parked bike. A police officer is seen talking to him. Reacting to the helmet, the cop asks him, “Khargosh Ho? (Are you a rabbit?). People are seen laughing in the background. He then asks the man what is there on the helmet. He says, “Koi helmet nahi laga raha hai, koi laga itna namoona laga raha hai (Some are not using helmet, while others are using such unique helmets)”. He adds, “Acha lag raha hai (Looks good)” and points to the camera and specifications of the helmet. 

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