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Even though Kashmir valley has received below average rain and snowfall this winter season, more and more tourists are flocking to Gulmarg to experience the magic of the Gondola. The statistics from the past year speak volumes about the growing popularity of Gulmarg Gondola. In the year gone by, over a million tourists, precisely 10,13,458, embarked on the rides of the Gondolas. This surge also translates into substantial revenue for the J&K Cable Car Corporation, the entity responsible for running and managing the Gulmarg Gondola. The revenue generated during the last calendar year surpassed all expectations, crossing the Rs. 108 crore mark. This impressive figure showcases not only the financial success of the Gondola but also the economic impact it has on the local tourism industry. Comparing these numbers to the previous year (2022), where the revenue stood at Rs. 91 crore with 8.50 lakh tourist rides, it’s evident that the Gulmarg Gondola has experienced significant growth. The Gulmarg Gondola isn’t just any cable car; it is the flagship attraction of Kashmir tourism. As one of India’s most popular ropeways, it takes visitors to an elevation of 14,000 ft, making it the highest operating cable car in Asia. The allure lies not just in the height it reaches but in the breathtaking views it offers of the snow-clad mountains and the pristine landscapes. Beyond the financial success, the J&K Cable Car Corporation has made notable strides in enhancing service delivery. Improvements in the ticket issuing mechanism have streamlined the boarding process, ensuring a smoother experience for visitors. Safety, a top priority, has been addressed through rigorous testing, ensuring that tourists can enjoy the ride with complete peace of mind. Additionally, the second phase of the Gondola underwent a comprehensive overhaul, incorporating the latest technology to enhance the overall experience. For those unfamiliar with the Gulmarg Cable Car, it comprises two phases. The first leg takes visitors from the Gulmarg resort to the Kongdori valley, offering mesmerizing views along the way. The second phase extends from Kongdori to the Apharwath Peak, reaching an elevation that provides a vantage point to witness the sheer beauty of the surrounding landscape. What makes Gulmarg especially enticing during winters is its transformation into a winter wonderland. The landscape, blanketed in pristine snow, turns into a playground for winter sports enthusiasts. Gulmarg has established itself as a premier skiing destination, attracting adventure seekers from around the world. The Gondola becomes the gateway to these snow-covered slopes, where skiers and snowboarders can indulge in their favorite winter sports against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas. The economic impact of this winter tourism surge extends beyond the Gondola itself. Local businesses, hotels, and service providers all benefit from the influx of tourists seeking the ultimate winter experience. It creates a ripple effect, boosting economic growth in the region and providing employment opportunities for the local population. The success story of the Gulmarg Gondola serves as an inspiration for further investment and development in Kashmir’s winter tourism infrastructure.

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