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Empowering farmers: The dawn of new Era in J&K

February 20, 2024

In recent years, the agricultural landscape of Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed a remarkable transformation, thanks to the visionary initiatives undertaken by the government. The holistic approach towards agriculture and allied sectors has not only bolstered the incomes of farmers but has also paved the way for sustainable livelihoods across the region.
Under the Holistic Agriculture Development Program, a monumental investment of Rs. 5,013 crores has been directed towards 29 projects, aimed at comprehensive sectoral development. This ambitious endeavor is expected to uplift the lives of 13 lakh farmer families and generate employment opportunities for an additional three lakh individuals, fostering economic growth and prosperity.
A significant stride has been made in enhancing storage capacities with the establishment of 2.44 lakh metric tons of cold storage within a span of just three years, compared to a meager 1.35 lakh metric tons developed over 72 years. This leap in infrastructure is poised to revolutionize post-harvest management and reduce wastage, ensuring better returns for farmers.
The Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme has been extended to all 20 districts, offering a safety net to farmers against crop losses. Efforts are also underway to implement the scheme in the horticulture sector, further strengthening risk mitigation measures.
Furthermore, the distribution of 14.83 lakh Kisan Credit Cards reflects a commitment to providing economic security to farmer families, empowering them to invest in agricultural activities with ease. The integration of 23 mandis with e-NAM ensures fair prices for farm produce, fostering transparency and efficiency in agricultural trade.
The introduction of the yellow revolution in Kashmir has not only diversified income sources for farmers but has also showcased the region’s potential in agricultural innovation. The cultivation of new agricultural products, coupled with the issuance of GI tags, signifies a significant leap in promoting local agri-enterprises and enhancing market competitiveness.
In line with the government’s focus on harnessing renewable energy, the PM Kusum Yojana aims to provide 9000 solar agricultural pumps to farmers, offering an alternate energy solution while reducing dependency on traditional power sources.
Looking ahead, the Jammu and Kashmir Dairy Mission, with its aim to double milk production by 2027, promises to be a game-changer for the dairy sector, benefiting 6.6 lakh farmers and bolstering rural economies.
In conclusion, the concerted efforts of the Jammu and Kashmir government towards farmer welfare underscore a commitment to inclusive growth and sustainable development. As we embark on this transformative journey, let us recognize and honor the invaluable contribution of farmers, who truly embody the soul of our society. Together, let us herald a new era of prosperity, where farmers are revered as the cornerstone of our existence.

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