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7 Quick Ways To Lose All The Water Weight

January 18, 2018

Drinking lots of water has a lot of health benefits. However, drinking too much water can lead to weight gain. When extra water is stored in your body, it is known as water weight. This condition is known as fluid retention or edema, a common side effect of chronic inflammation. From poor diet to lack of sleep, a number of unhealthy habits are to blame for water retention. It is a temporary condition taking place due to overindulgence. In women, it may take place during periods or pregnancy.

Water retention isn’t really a serious condition. However, it can make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable, adversely affecting your appearance and quality of life. So if you wish to lose some weight quickly, losing water weight is what you can do. Here’s a list of ways to help you lose water weight easily.

  1. Manage your salt intake

Salt is important for your health, however, too much salt can lead to water retention. Now if you think that managing salt intake is all about using the salt shaker less, you are mistaken. Most of the salt comes from processed foods. Processed meat, canned foods and packed snacks have high sodium levels which increase water retention. So to lose water weight, you must cut down on salty and processed foods.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercising plays an important role when it comes to losing water weight. When you work out, your body sweats which is one of the best ways to reduce excess fluids. It also helps you look less puffy and bloated. You can practice aerobics and cardio exercises to sweat it out or try a sauna bath.

  1. Sleep well

Diet and exercise are important, but sleeping also acquires an important place here. Sleeping affects the sympathetic renal nerves of your kidneys which regulate body sodium levels. A study showed that the body works like a plumbing system when you are asleep and flushes out all the toxins. Aim for a good 7-9 hour sleep. This will help in reducing water retention.

  1. Control your stress levels

Chronic stress increases cortisol levels which directly impacts fluid retention in your body. This happens because stress increases that hormone in the body which controls water balance, known as ADH. It sends signals to the kidneys about pumping water to other parts of the body. Controlling stress will help you lower your chances of gaining water weight and long term diseases.

  1. Drink more water

Now this may seem ironical, but trust us, this one is effective!

Hydration can play an important role in reducing water retention. If your body is dehydrated, it will try to retain more water. As a result, you gain water weight. Achieve an optimum water intake for the day, a stipulated amount which will keep you hydrated but will not affect your body weight. Drink when thirsty, but drink more in hot temperatures and when you are exercising.

  1. Cut down on carbs

This one is a common practice. Cutting down on carbs can help you cut down on water weight. Carbs contain glycogen which pulls water in muscles, hence increasing water weight. This is why people who cut down on carbs or switch to a no-carbs diet experience quick weight loss. It also decreases sodium levels in the kidney, thereby reducing water retention.

  1. Drink tea and coffee

Caffeine supplements or tea/coffee are known to reduce water retention. It works by increasing short-term urine output, thereby reducing water weight. But moderation is the key. Studies show that moderate caffeine intake, combined with water, can help in increasing urine volumes significantly.

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