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Video: Miyazaki mangoes sell at Rs 2.5L per kilo

May 26, 2023
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Horticulture officials made headlines when they acquired a Miyazaki mango from Madhya Pradesh for a staggering Rs 40,000.

This fruit was acquired to be showcased at a mela in Koppal, as reported by TNIE. The mela has become a hub for farmers and fruit enthusiasts eager to catch a glimpse of the fruit.

Originally hailing from Miyazaki city in Japan, this mango variety is predominantly grown during the peak harvest season, which spans from April to August. The Miyazaki mango undergoes a mesmerizing transformation as it ripens. Initially, its color is purple, however, once it reaches its peak ripeness, it turns into flaming red.

In India, this exquisite fruit is priced at an astonishing Rs 2.5 lakh per kilogram.

In terms of size, a single Miyazaki mango weighs approximately 350 grams. However, under favorable conditions, it can grow up to a staggering 900 grams. This extraordinary fruit has also made its way beyond the borders of Japan and is now cultivated in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Thailand, and the Philippines.

To ensure the growth of the world’s costliest mango, specific conditions are crucial. Warm weather, abundant rainfall, and prolonged exposure to sunlight are necessary for this exceptional fruit to flourish and develop its exquisite flavors.

While Miyazaki stands out as the pinnacle of luxurious mangoes, it is worth mentioning that there are six other delectable mango varieties cherished around the world. They are

Alphonso Mango

Chausa Mango

Carabao Mango

Diamond Mango

Ataulfo Mango

Tommy Atkins Mango

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