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Tarigami appeals Indo-Pak leadership to defuse border tension

Jammu, Jan 21: While appealing the Indo-Pak leadership to defuse the border tension, which has consumed more than two dozen lives since the start of this year, CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami Sunday said thousands of people on both sides of the border have fled their homes to escape the devastation caused by the mindless violence.
In a statement issued, he said there is no alternative to both the countries but to adhere to 2003 ceasefire agreement and starting a credible dialogue for resolving all the issues. The continued shelling and firing on both sides of the border has resulted in killings, destruction of property, closure of educational institutions and immense hardships to poor people.
The border firing and shelling has also resulted in large scale displacement of population, especially those living near the Line of Control and International Border. History is witness that neither of the countries has benefited from wars, shelling, firing and violence in last seven decades. Whether a civilian or a soldier is killed on this side of the border or the other side, it is a precious human life which gets wasted in mindless violence.
Political leadership of both the countries should start an immediate structured and sustainable dialogue to find a solution to the problems. The leadership of both the countries must utilise the resources for well being of the millions of poor people living in India and Pakistan. For what purpose both the countries are purchasing weapons and ammunition for billions of dollars? Millions of people live in a pitiable condition in both the countries because of the never ending hostilities between India and Pakistan. The money, the resources and the energy which is being consumed on wars and violence could have been utilised for betterment of poor.
The border skirmishes – whoever is to blame, whatever the cause -risk the prosperity and security of two countries that have far more in common than the areas of suspicion and discard. Silencing of guns along the is the need of the hour as incidents of skirmishes and hostilities can further derail the efforts leading towards formation of better understanding and amity between the two neighbouring countries.
Recently the National Security Advisers (NSAs) of both the countries reportedly met in some third country. It was a good step. But unfortunately it seems instead of process of reconciliation, the two neighboring countries are heading towards more hostilities.