Mumbai terror attacks anniversary: CISD organizes commemorative event, pays tributes to martyrs

Srinagar: Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Development (CISD) today held a somber event to remember the martyrs of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Development said the event aimed not only to pay respects to the martyrs but also to instill a profound sense of nationalism and patriotism among youth and the cross sections of society.

The commemorative event was held in 14 districts across 16 locations.  Mir Junaid, Chairperson of the Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Development said the event witnessed a gathering of youth and cross sections of the society who observed a two-minute silence, collectively paying tribute to the heroes who valiantly defended the nation.

Speakers from different disciplines addressed the audience on themes of peace, harmony, brotherhood, about drug abuse, providing valuable insights to the youth and others present there.

Mir Junaid said that a poignant five-minute documentary vividly portrayed the 26/11 terror attacks, serving as a potent reminder of the resilience and unity of our country in the face of adversity. The tribute paid homage to the martyrs of Mumbai, emphasizing the values of courage and sacrifice, 

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