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Spanish Artist, Alicia Framis, Set to Marry AI-Generated Hologram

February 14, 2024
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In a world-first, Spain-based performing artist Alicia Framis is set to marry a hologram generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Yes, you read it right! Ms Framis’ future husband is a digital entity created with holographic technology and machine learning. She will become the first-ever woman to marry an AI-generated hologram. She has already booked a venue for her wedding. The ceremony will take place this year at a museum in Rotterdam, Euronews reported. 

According to Ms Framis, her to-be husband’s name is AILex. The hologram is her design, tailored to “satisfy all of her emotional needs”. She describes her virtual partner as a “middle-aged male hologram with slightly complex logistics”. The outlet reported that Ms Framis’ marriage is not a romantic one, but part of her new project called ‘Hybrid Couple’, in which she wants to experiment with the boundaries of love, intimacy and identity in the age of AI. 

“AI is still closely linked to science and lacks poetry, art and warmth,” Ms Framis explained in a statement on her website.

“I want to make an artistic documentary that includes drawings, interviews with other women, sketches about bodies, arms, romantic dreams, domestic situations and the daily life of my partner. I want to explore how to integrate the hologram into my daily life,” she added. 

Ms Framis is currently designing her wedding dress and determining the attire of those attending the ceremony. The wedding will take place this summer on the roof of the Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, as per Euronews

On her Instagram account, Ms Framis shares videos and photographs in which she appears with her partner AILex. “Love and sex with robots and holograms are an inevitable reality. They are great companions and capable of expressing empathy. Just as phones saved us from loneliness and filled the void in our lives, holograms as interactive presences in our homes can take it even further,” she said. 

Further, Ms Framis explained that AI and human companions can be beneficial options for people who need company. She cited a personal case and said, “My friend is a widow and it is difficult for her to replace her husband. AI and human companions can be a good option for those who need company”. 

“A new generation of love is emerging, whether we like it or not, in which humans will marry and maintain relationships with holograms, avatars, robots and so on. Just as we practice new languages with Duolingo, we will practice relationships with these entities,” she explained. 

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