Play Modi’s 2014 speech assuring special status to Bihar: Lalu to Nitish

Patna: RJD supremo Lalu Prasad attacked Nitish Kumar for not being able to secure the special category status for Bihar, accusing the chief minister of surrendering the interest of the state for personal gains.
The RJD supremo, who has been in jail for more than two months following his conviction in fodder scam cases, made the attack on Twitter, which is managed by people close to Lalu Prasad.
He asked Nitish Kumar why he did not put enough pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to offer special status to Bihar.
Lalu Prasad’s comments came in the backdrop of Telugu Desam Party (TDP) ministers resigning from the Union council of ministers over the demand for special status to Andhra Pradesh.
“Why is Nitish not asking his boss to accord special status to Bihar. PM Modi had promised special status to Bihar in March, 2014 at a rally in Muzaffarpur during Lok Sabha elections. Nitish must play that speech recording in front of the PM,” a tweet on Lalu Prasad’s official Twitter handle said.
He accused Nitish Kumar of having surrendered Bihar’s interest for personal gains – an oblique reference to the chief minister’s exit from the Grand Alliance and forming a new government in the state with the BJP.
In another tweet, the former Bihar chief minister asked, “Why is Bihar not getting special status despite the NDA being in power both at the Centre and in the state? Does Nitish not want special status or is the BJP opposed to it?”
He also asked Nitish Kumar to disclose why and because of whom Bihar is not getting its due. “Nitish ought to keep his spine straight and let go of his fear and his self-interest.”
The RJD chief also sought to know how much of the Rs 1.65 lakh crore announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as special package has been given to the state.
“Actually, the state has not got even a penny. Admit it, if you have the guts. How long will you keep hoodwinking the people,” the RJD supremo added.

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