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How do I get Cobit certification?

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There are two vital elements in the IT world: governance and management. The first concerns management and optimization of different IT aspects, such as internal processes, teams, technology, and many others. The second is the governance of IT concerning broader corporate objectives and regulations on compliance.

Of course, a company can often deal with several components throughout its IT business. A complete and often high-level perspective is required to adopt the appropriate tools, practices, and structures for optimizing these. Thus COBIT 2019 comes here.


What is COBIT?

COBIT is a short form known for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology. COBIT is a corporate information and technology governance and management framework that focuses on the entire company. 

The worldwide recognized COBIT 2019 Framework helps to ensure practical Enterprise Governance Information and technology (EGIT), facilitate more straightforward implementation, and tailor it to strengthen COBIT as a significant driver of innovation and transformation.

Other than the updated structure, COBIT now provides more resources for implementation, practical leadership, insights, and extensive training. The COBIT certification program supports businesses in managing information and technology wherever it lives.

COBIT 2019 – Upgraded version of COBIT 5

COBIT® 2019 is the upgraded version of the ISACA’s COBIT framework globally recognized and used. 2019 offers greater flexibility and transparency to improve COBIT’s currency and significance. You can use new concepts like focus areas and design factors to provide additional guidance to adapt a governance system to the needs of the enterprise. The relevance of the COBIT is improved with the updated alignment to world standards, framework, and best practices.

An “open source” model will enable the global governance community to inform future updates by delivering feedback, sharing applications, and proposing improvements in real-time to the framework and derivatives, with further developments on a rolling basis being reported.

Developing a best-suited governance system supports new guidance and tools, making the 2019 version more prescriptive. COBIT 2019 addresses organizations’ modern technology, trends, and safety demands. It includes other frameworks such as TOGAF, CMMI, and ITIL, making it the ideal framework for unifying a company. The latest COBIT update, which now comprises 40 objectives for developing the management and governance program, introduces new theories and concepts. The objective behind the implementation of this framework is to ensure more adaptability for companies while tailoring a management procedure. 

Guide to prepare for COBIT certification

The first is for modern COBIT 5 Foundation certificate owners and new ones to COBIT. They enthusiastically produce the latest Foundation certificate and the COBIT 2019 Foundation examination.

The business leader is responsible for practical IT governance, which also cements the performance of COBIT as an essential player of innovation and business transformation. Moreover, it builds on a significant foundation of the previous version, COBIT 5, which has continued the most recent advances in information and technology for enterprises.

For all candidates interested in obtaining COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation certifications, the COBIT 2019 Foundation examination or certificate is the requisite point of entry.

COBIT 2019 is the industry’s leading IT governance and management structure with the most advanced emphasis. It provides best practices for managing and controlling corporate information and technologies.

  1. Exam details: There will be 75 multiple-choice questions at the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam. Three options follow the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam questions in multiple-choice formats, each with the correct response across a duration of 120 minutes. COBIT 2019 Foundation examination is available in English, Chinese, and simplified Spanish language. To pass the exam, you need to obtain a score of at least 65%.
  1. Prerequisites: First of all, no requirements have been stated. However, participants are suggested with experience in the areas of IT governance fields. It’s also essential that the terms and conditions of the testing facility have been read and confirmed to take the exam. You must check all terms and conditions during the examination.
  1. Course outline: Many areas are covered in the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam. The course is an examination guide that describes the possible fields and subjects covered by the exam. These are the targets to be covered and learned to pass the exam successfully. There is also a percentage indicating the weight of each domain to allow the applicant to prepare accordingly. The main objectives are the first thing to do, or you can take steps in preparation for tests such as the 2019 COBIT Foundation Exam. The candidate must also learn with complete devotion and concentration and understand all fields and goals.

The COBIT 2019 Foundation syllabus’ objectives are therefore set

  • Framework Introduction (12%) 
  • Also, the Principles (13%) 
  • Governance System and Components (30%) 
  • And, the Governance and Management Objectives (23%) 
  • Performance Management (4%) 
  • Then, designing a Tailored Governance System (7%) 
  • Business Case (3%) 
  • Further, the implementation (8%)
  1. Attend training programs: This preparatory guide includes the training program. First, every vendor now offers its training programs, so finding the most trustworthy one is very easy. However, many web-based portals provide training so that candidates must decide for themselves. The online training programs of the 2019 COBIT Foundation will also help the applicant to understand all fields and their subjects easily so that the contestant does not have to face problems during the examination.
  1. Practice mock test: Sample tests and practice papers are a one-way measure to evaluate your preparation. Please continue to do as much as you can, as it will help you know how ready you are. These COBIT 2019 Foundation Practice questions help you identify the loopholes in your preparation and determine the introductory level. More and more will increase your trust and help you feel less strange on the examination day. Reinforcing your practices with tests is, therefore, the final and most crucial step on your journey.

Final thoughtsCOBIT 2019 outlines the frameworks, standards, and compliance requirements that it can reference for all governance components. It also contains, where applicable, instructive references. Tactical objectives enhance information security, remove silos within IT and business goals, and increase a company’s market value, with companies implementing a recent COBIT framework