Arhan Bagati of KYARI Inspires New Economic Vision During Lassipora Visit

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Pulwama, J&K — 16 December 2023 — Arhan Bagati, KYARI’s Founder, has signaled a new economic dawn for Jammu & Kashmir with his visit to the Vowcare pharmaceutical plant in Lassipora, Pulwama, championing the cause for more local jobs and business prospects.

KYARI, a grassroots NGO, is at the forefront of bringing transformational change to Kashmir. Bagati’s tour is part of a strategic push to understand and nurture the pharmaceutical industry in the region, seen as a beacon of hope for young job seekers.

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Arhan Bagati of KYARI Inspires New Economic Vision During Lassipora Visit 3

Conversations between Bagati and Gowhar Wani, Vowcare’s proprietor, were ripe with possibilities. Wani is keen to showcase Kashmir as a cost-effective pharmaceutical hub, leveraging its climate for quality production. “We’re opening Kashmir’s doors to the pharma world, inviting leaders to witness our capability to deliver quality at lower costs,” Wani asserted.

Bagati, observing Vowcare’s advanced setup, sees this as a blend of tradition and innovation. “Kashmir’s identity is evolving. Renowned for its saffron and natural beauty, it’s poised to add pharmaceuticals to its repertoire,” he noted.

The aim is clear: to catalyze the establishment of more high-tech facilities like Vowcare, fostering a future where J&K’s economic landscape is enriched with diverse, sustainable opportunities.

This initiative by Arhan Bagati is not just a visit but a call to action, marking a pivotal moment for the pharmaceutical sector in J&K, with the promise of invigorating local economies and empowering its youth.

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