#75hard: Kashmir youth take global fitness challenge to lose weight, get six packs

Firdous Hassan

 Srinagar: Nineteen-year-old Arif Hussain is working hard to make it big in the world of modeling. 

An actor and social media influencer, he will be shooting for a leading clothing brand.

To get in shape ahead of the scheduled event, he has taken up 75 Hard Challenge, a body transformation campaign trending across India.

“I have very less days left for the event. Being a fitness model, I need to have a chiseled physique at the event. So, I have taken up the 75 Hard Challenge, which transforms a person’s body in just 75 days,” he said.

 #75hardchallenge  is a viral social media fitness challenge in which a person follows a particular fitness regime and diet to get in shape in 75 days.

 It involves twice workout sessions in a day followed by reading any book to increase one’s knowledge.

 If a person skips the schedule, he as per the challenge is supposed to restart it till he completes another 75 days.

 75 Days Hard, which is trending across India has reached Kashmir with many youth taking up this challenge to transform their physique.

 “Many of my friends have taken up this challenge. It is the best way to inculcate discipline in our lives and shed away some extra kilos of fat,” Hussain said.

 Arif is being trained by a fitness guru Fardeem Hussain, who too has taken up this challenge to build endurance in his body.

 Fardeem, the youngest professional powerlifter from Jammu and Kashmir is preparing for the international championship  

 “Everyone takes up this challenge with a certain motive. Some want to have a chiseled physique while others prepare for some major competitions. I have set my motive to lift at least 350 kilograms in the coming 75 days,” he said.

 Hussain said that many of his students have also taken up the 75 Hard Challenge to build a healthy body ahead of winter.

 “We have Mr. Jammu and Kashmir competition coming during the last week of October. Many of our regional athletes are already in the prep phase for the same. This challenge has been already taken up by our youth who are preparing for bigger competitions, ” he said.

 Pertinently, wrestler Ankit Baiyanpuria is the star campaigner of the 75 Hard Challenge. He rose to new fame when he launched the demanding 75 ‘Hard Challenge’ on Instagram to enhance his mental fortitude and self-discipline.

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