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7 Early Signs And Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer Which Usually Go Unnoticed

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The prostate is a small gland located below the bladder and surrounding the urethra. This organ is responsible for producing the semen, the liquid which carries the male sperm. The prostate size increases over years but it is usually normal. However, in some cases it becomes cancerous. Prostate cancer, largely, is treatable. This disease progresses slowly over time which is why it usually goes unnoticed and is diagnosed in the advanced stages when treatment becomes difficult. Therefore, early diagnosis of this disease is important.

Primarily, the treatment is to ensure that the tumor does not spread to other parts of the body. For this, early diagnosis is the key. And for diagnosis, it is important for you to watch out for the signs of the disease. Some early signs of this disease are overlooked because they are common with many other health conditions.


Here, we will outline the 7 most important symptoms of prostate cancer which usually go unnoticed.

  1. Difficulty in urinating

Difficulty in urinating could include anything, from an urge to urinate more frequently to pain while passing urine. You may feel the need to rush to the loo every now and then. You may also find it difficult to pass urine and it may even stop mid-way. Now, these symptoms can be confused with UTIs but they should not. This pain occurs because the prostate gland surrounds the urethra and a tumor present in that area is interfering with urine.

  1. Blood in urine

Blood in the urine is never normal. Even a small pink smear or tint can be abnormal. It is a reason good enough for you to rush to the doctor. It usually occurs as a result of a tumor in the bladder, prostate, kidney or due to kidney stones.

  1. Blood in the semen

If you notice a pinkish smear in the semen post-ejaculation, never ignore it. According to men dealing with prostate cancer, even a small amount of blood which makes the semen pink in color can be a sign of prostate cancer. So if you noticed this, report this immediately.

  1. Difficulty in maintaining erections

If you find it difficult to maintain erections most of the time, you could be at risk of this disease. Most of the time erection problems occur as a result of atherosclerosis (a condition of plaque buildup in the arteries which prevents blood flow to the penis). However, in some cases, it is due to a tumor in the prostate. If erection problems have been interfering with your sex life for a very long time now, you must get it checked.

  1. Having to pee in the middle of the night

Some of the men dealing with prostate cancer look back and report this symptom. They say that they used to feel an urge to rush to the bathroom more than once every night. So if you are experiencing the same, a trip to your doctor is in order. However, keep in mind that this condition is more likely to be a symptom of an overactive bladder than prostate cancer.

  1. Chronic constipation and digestive distress

The prostate gland is located right below the bladder and in front of the rectum; so it can interfere with your digestive system as well. Keep in mind that chronic constipation can put pressure on gland and lead to an enlargement of the tumor. These problems could also be indicative of colon cancer.

  1. Dribbling urine

This symptom is sometimes embarrassing enough to be ignored, but it shouldn’t be. Even if it is occurring on a small-scale, it must not go unnoticed. If you are spending too much time in the bathroom waiting for the dribbling to stop, plan a trip to the doctor to discuss this out. This could also be a sign of an overactive bladder, but if it is accompanied by other signs as well, you must get tested for prostate cancer.