(Video) `Hi guys, ye main hoon aur yeh hamara baap hai…’: Meet the new `Pawri girl’ who has taken the internet by storm

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Pawri is back but with a twist.

A young girl recreated `pawri ho rahi hai with a twist.

Sharing a clip on TikTok, she shared how her dad is ‘pawring’ with all of his kids. “Hi guys, ye main hoon aur yeh hamara baap hai, aur yeh hamarai baap ki paweri ho rahi hai,” she said

The adorable video went viral immediately and eventually reached Dananeer Mobeen, the original `Pawri girl’.

Impressed by the younger new ‘Pawri girl’, Dananeer took to Instagram and imitated the child from the original clip.

She began lip-syncing to the original audio of the girl and even perfected the little stutter at the start.

“Hiiii guyzzzz 😛 “This girl has outdone me. It’s the best version of #PawriHorahiHai so far,” Dananeer.

The star also shared the original video alongside her take.

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