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Turns Out, Your Sleeping Pattern Is To Be Blamed For Acne, Wrinkles: Everything You Need To Know


At times, your skin fails to respond to a healthy eating and exercise routine, and this could be because of your sleeping patterns! Dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia Sethi feels that the way you sleep can affect your skin and lead to asymmetrical patterns on the skin and even cause acne. In one of her recent posts on Instagram, she talks about different ways in which your sleep pattern affects your skin, what is the best position to the sleep in and the appropriate sleep routine in terms of skin products to follow.

According to Dr Kiran Lohia, the way you sleep can affect the way your skin ages and also influences the chances of you getting acne. In her Instagram video, she says, “If you sleep on one side of your face, that side can end up being flatter and a little different from the other side of your face. As you age, this asymmetry of your skin will continue to worsen in case you regularly sleep on one side of your face.”


She mentions that while working on botox and fillers on her patients, a lot of time goes in balancing the asymmetry of the two sides of their face. This asymmetry of the face can get back to normal simply by changing the way you sleep. Putting pressure on one side of your face for 8 hours every day can be really harmful for the skin.

Also, people who sleep on one side of their face are more likely to wrinkle more. “The best way to sleep is to sleep on your back,” says Dr Kiran in her Instagram video.

Sleeping on side of your face can also cause acne. Thus, the healthiest way to sleep is to sleep on your back as it will prevent excess asymmetry and acne on your face, and may even help you look younger.

Dr Kiran suggests that sleeping on silk fabric pillows can also be good for your skin. It acts as an antiseptic, and is a soft and clean fabric to sleep on.
4 must-have sleeping ritual beauty products for skin health

1. Dr Kiran says that mulberry silk pillows are a wonderful addition to your skin care routine. You can 2 or 3 of such pillows and wash them regularly to get rid of the sweat and bacteria.

2. A mulberry silk eye mask is great to moisturise your eyes when you are sleeping.

3. Retinol serum is great for your skin at night.

4. You can also put a hydrating mask on your skin while sleeping. This is helpful for those who feel their skin gets dry during sleep time.

(Dr. Kiran Lohia Sethi is a dermatologist at Isya aesthetics Pvt Ltd)