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Restoring Autonomy to JK only way out: NC

Srinagar, Jan 25: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Friday asserted that the restoration of autonomy to the state will go a long way in sweeping the cobwebs of mistrust between the centre and the state.

Party’s Additional General secretary Dr. Sheikh Mustufa Kamal on Friday while greeting the Nation on the annual Republic Day celebrations said, “Constitution of India besides being a social document is a vehicle of life.


The constitution of India reflects the mind of the founding fathers of modern day India, their conviction for secularism and social justice.”

Kamal said the Constitution of India accommodates India’s cultural diversity. “The same constitution endows the state of Jammu and Kashmir special status within the union of India. However, autonomy resolution, which was passed by the state legislature with majority, affords a way out from the current imbroglio,” he said.

Additional general secretary maintained that Jammu and Kashmir acceded with the union of India on the principles of secularism and democracy.

“The very idea of autonomy is not something new as the state enjoyed it prior to 1956. Granting autonomy to the state will prove effective in satiating the developmental needs of all the regions of our state,” he said adding that one day realization will eventually dawn on people in Delhi that the Autonomy is the only way to pull the state out of present uncertainty.

He said that the party will continue to struggle for the restoration of autonomy.

“Restoring autonomy is not only imperative to meet the urges and aspirations of the people but essential for peace, prosperity and overall development of the state,” he said.

“The best way to celebrate republic day would be to put into practice what has been enshrined in the constitution including restoring autonomy to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The best tribute to the founding fathers of India would be to water the ideals of secularism and socialism,” he said.

“On 25th January nation is celebrating national voting day. However our state under the leadership of Sher-e-Kashmir took precedence in granting gender neutral voting rights to the people of state irrespective of their caste, creed, and religious affiliations,” he said adding that elections oxygenate the durability and efficacy of any working democracy.