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‘Paanch sau peti wasta hai iss saal’: Kashmir farmer’s rib-tickling interview is breaking internet

Srinagar: A local farmer is winning the internet by his `Kashmirised Urdu’, which is leaving the netizens in splits.

“Is khaad se mujhi gogji banta hain….sabzi main lagata hain ….bagh main lagata hain (The fertilizer helps me in growing turnips. It is also used in vegetables. We use it in the garden too),” the farmer said in a video.

A video of the farmer’s interview has become an instant hit on social media. The farmer is seen speaking about agricultural and apple produce..

Donning a traditional pheran, he is interviewed by a non- local fertilizer manufacturer to know about the results of new products on agriculture and horticulture.

The USP of the video is the use of language by the farmer, who mixed both Kashmir and Urdu in such a manner that it is enough to tickle one’s funny bone.

The video was shared by a renowned Radio Jockey Sardar Nasir Ali Khan on Twitter and Facebook. The video has notched 6000 views and is being widely shared on all social media platforms.

At the beginning of the video, the interviewer gets a rib-tickling response from the farmer, who pronounced all the vegetables in the local Kashmiri dialect.

When asked by the interviewer about the result, the farmers again make hilarious Kashmiri-Urdu code switching. “Aa saeb bohat acha hain. 500 sau peti wasta hain iss saal. Parus thoda wasta hain yehus acaha khaad lagaya to acha wasta hain (The apple quality is too good this year. I am expecting 600 boxes this year though last year the produce was too less. This year I used better quality fertilizer),” the farmer replied.

“Yehi khaad lagata hain aur yeh bagaer kuch nahi lagata khaad (We are using only this fertiliser and nothing beyond this)” the farmer said.

The video has evoked funny responses from the netizens as well. “Kal se main yehi khaad traavu ga. Mujhe b paanch sow peti waalnai hain (I too will use this fertiliser. I too want 100 boxes. I too expect 500 boxes of apple produce,” posted Rohid Sofi in response to the video.

A lot of twitter users shared the video and called it the most adorable thing on the internet. “Undoubtedly cutest video,” posted Syed Adil on twitter.

 Before this, a video of a former MLA from Sopore went viral. In the video, he was seen using some Kashmiri words in an Urdu interview.

 Similarly, another video of a politician went viral after he hit out at the ruling elite in the funniest manner. “Yeh jo wunkenis sarakar hain (The present government …),” he said.