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Not all vehicles running in Kashmir carry High Security Registration Plates

Srinagar, Dec 9: Even as having a High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) has been mandatory, the vehicles have been running on the streets in the valley without them.

In 2012, the government introduced HSRP, aiming to curb theft of vehicles and their subsequent hazardous use.

The last year, having a HSRP was made mandatory for all the vehicles in Jammu and Kashmir.

Bashir Ahmad, a middle-aged man, doesn’t have one on his car.

He said: “This may not be a problem for the new buyers, as all new vehicles come with pre-fitted HSRPs. If the authorities are so concerned, why don’t they take some serious measures to ensure compliance to the rule?”

Wasim Khan, a student at Kashmir University, was recently fined by police for not having a HSRP.

“The next day, I managed to find the facility where HSRPs are available. But it was quite crowded. I was told that it would take three hours to get the plate installed. I then had to take a day off from work and get it done,” he rued.

Every HSRP has a chromium-based hologram hot-stamped on its top-left corner. A vehicle is supposed to have one each of these plates at the front and back.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently, in a draft notification, announced its intention to amend the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989.

“Come January 1, 2019, HSRP will be made mandatory for vehicle manufacturers and their dealers who will have to place a mark of registration on number plates and affix them on the vehicles,” the draft said.

Transport Commissioner, SP Vaid said, “No new vehicle is allowed without a HSRP plate. On old number plates, our enforcement agencies are on the job. Wherever they notice a violation, they do the needful.”