LG Sinha Addresses Round Table Conference for Newly-Appointed Vice Chancellors

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Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha recently addressed the inaugural session of the Round Table Conference, which brought together newly appointed Vice Chancellors from universities across the country. The event took place at the University of Kashmir in Srinagar.

During his address, the Lieutenant Governor commended the Association of Indian Universities for its efforts in facilitating discussions on University Governance, Collaboration, and the promotion of innovation within the academic sphere. He emphasized the need for higher education institutions to adapt to the evolving global landscape.

He stated, “Higher education institutions worldwide are undergoing significant transformations. Universities and colleges must develop strategic plans and organizational readiness aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 to remain pertinent in an ever-changing world.”

The Lieutenant Governor also noted the growing demand for higher education in India, with the country having established 74% of all new higher education institutions globally within the past 10-15 years. He stressed the importance of ensuring the quality of education and providing students with the tools to confront changes and challenges.

Furthermore, he highlighted the significant number of Indian students studying abroad and the substantial financial resources spent by them, emphasizing the need for increased promotion of Indian educational institutions on the global stage.

During the conference, the Lieutenant Governor shared the reforms initiated by the Union Territory Administration, guided by Prime Minister Modi, to enhance the education system in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Since September 2020, J&K has witnessed encouraging reforms in the higher education sector. Universities and colleges are now focused on meeting the demands of education outputs, industry requirements, innovation, and new-age skills, with an emphasis on flexibility and resilience to meet future needs,” he explained.

The Lieutenant Governor stressed the necessity for universities to adapt to change and confront future challenges, stating, “The pace of change in every sector is faster than ever. Universities must undergo a transformational revolution to remain relevant in the future.”

He added, “To stay pertinent, universities must operate as professional corporations, where each department, unit, and teacher plays a crucial role, forming a complete and organic mechanism.”

The Lieutenant Governor also emphasized the importance of practical learning, stating, “Innovation and entrepreneurship cannot be taught through books. It is essential to ensure that students are engaged in field learning experiences every week.

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