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KU officials rue for poor sanitation in residential quarters

Srinagar, Jun 04: Despite paying a hefty sum as rent to the Kashmir University, the lack of amenities in varsity’s residential quarters has been giving tough time to the boarders.

The boarders, who are professors and members of non-teaching staff, said that they have been suffering miserably because of the absence of basic facilities.

“We have been living in the quarters from a long time. We are not being provided basic facilities by the KU. Most of the times, water supply remains suspended. We are being forced to bring water from open on exorbitant rates,” one of the non-teaching staff members, residing in one of the quarters told KNS.

During winters, he said they were using manual means to warm water.

“Around 50 percent quarters are without geysers,” he said, wished not to be named.

Besides water scarcity, the boarders said that poor sanitation at the quarters has made them prone to health hazards.

“There is no cleanliness in the residential quarters. You would be surprised to know that washrooms are not only dirty but in shambles. The water pipes are been broken,” said another non-teaching employees residing in Mirza Bagh quarters.

From the last six months, the “commodes” of several washrooms have not been repaired till date, they said.

As per the occupants, even the doors are damaged besides windows having no glasses.

“There is every likelihood of an eventuality. Anybody can come inside and take away the goods, even our lives are not safe,” they said.

While asking for early renovation of the residential quarters, the boarders said that in case of delay, they would be forced to leave the residential quarters.

“After all we have been paying hefty amount in the form of rent. A professor has to pay Rs 25,000 for a month for accommodation. We pay Rs 3 crore to the varsity annually. If we are paying, why we are not getting good facilities,” they asked.

An official of the Construction Division of the varsity told KNS that they cannot fulfill all the demands of boarders.

“We have scarcity of funds. The funds we have are for minor works, which we have been carrying from time to time,” he said. (KNS)