Khyber Industries leads environmental stewardship with plantation drive

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SRINAGAR: In a significant stride towards environmental conservation, Khyber Industries Pvt Ltd., as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, organized a massive plantation drive on the 26th of December 2023. The event, conducted in collaboration with the Forest Department of Kashmir Division, aimed to contribute substantially to the region’s green cover.

The ceremony was inaugurated by Dr. Mumtaz Majeed Sofi, Deputy Director of Forest Protection Force, and A.K Akhoon, Assistant Director of Forest Protection Force, along with other esteemed members of the Forest Department. The presence of the Khyber Industries Pvt Ltd. (KIPL) team underscored their commitment to environmental conservation through such initiatives.

‘Khyber Industries Pvt Ltd.’s consistent efforts towards environmental protection were recognized during the event, as it was highlighted that approximately 4000 saplings of various trees had been planted during this mega plantation drive. Director Operations Khyber Industries Pvt. Ltd. Riaz Ahmad Tramboo expressed, “This initiative stands as a testament to KIPL’s dedication to fostering a sustainable and green environment. It’s worth noting that Khyber Industries Pvt. Ltd. has been actively participating in CSR initiatives, particularly in the realm of environmental conservation. Last year, the company successfully planted around 14,000 tree saplings as part of their CSR endeavors, all conducted under the resonant slogan, “Go Green.”

Umar Trumboo – Director Corporate & Strategy, Khyber Industries Pvt Ltd. expressed enthusiasm for Khyber Industries Pvt Ltd. mega plantation drive stating, “Our commitment to environmental stewardship sets a positive precedent for the industrial sector. Actively engaging in tree plantation and aligning CSR with ecological preservation, the company symbolizes the crucial role businesses play in fostering a greener planet. As saplings grow into flourishing trees, the impact extends beyond industrial success, leaving a lasting legacy of environmental responsibility and sustainable development.’

Khyber Cement holds the title of the largest cement manufacturer in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, serving as an integral part of the Khyber Industries PVT Ltd. Founded by visionaries Dr. Gulam Rasool Tramboo and Haji Muhammad Maqbool Tramboo, and advanced by Umar Tramboo, the cement unit epitomizes excellence and innovation.

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