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Kashmir, want to visit a saloon or parlour? Read this first

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Srinagar: Barbers are in demand these days and why not since people are without a haircut for over two months in the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are planning to visit one, you may want to read the following standard operating procedures the government has come up specifically for saloons, barber shops, and parlours. The order listing these SOPs clearly says that any deviation from them shall attract penal action under the Disaster Management Act, 2005.

  1. The barbers/workers shall compulsorily wear a properly fitted face mask, hand gloves, and head covers and if possible, a face shield. They shall use hand sanitizer frequently, and in between handling different customers.
  2. Disposable towel/paper sheets, instead of normal sheets, shall be used for each client. Clients will be provided with disposable apron.
  3. After each customer is serviced, all equipment used on the customer and chairs used shall be sanitized using a 70% alcohol based disinfectant, etc, and, staff should sanitize their hands after each customer.
  4. There shall be a 1.5 metre distance between chairs. No towels will be permitted for use inside saloon/shop/parlour and only disposable towels/paper sheets/aprons will be allowed. Customers can be charged additionally for this.
  5. All common areas, floors, lifts, lounge area, staircase and handrails must be disinfected with 1% hypochlorite solution four times a day at least. Carpets and floor area should be cleaned frequently.
  6. Customers with fever, cold, cough, and throat pain shall not be allowed to enter the saloon/shop/parlour, and, customers and staff must wear masks.
  7. Sharp waste including blades and disposable razors should be collected in leak-proof containers which should be handed over to municipal corporation/committee for its disposal.
  8. Appointments or token system should be adopted to stagger entry of clients. There shall be no crowding in saloon/shop/parlour.
  9. Customers and barbers/workers have to compulsorily use Arogya Setu App.


  1. All customers should use sanitizer or their hands before entering the saloon/shop/parlour.
  2. All customers should wear a properly fitted face mask at all times.
  3. Customers with fever, cold, cough, and throat pain should stay at home and not visit saloon/shop/parlour.
  4. Customers have to compulsorily use Arogya Setu App.
  5. An additional cost may be imposed on customers by shop owners on account of additional health precautions being taken.