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Google unveils ‘Smart Compose’ for Gmail: Here’s how to use

Google’s popular email service Gmail will be getting a new feature called the ‘Smart Compose’ to help users seamlessly draft mails from scratch. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it will give users suggestions to auto complete sentences. The feature was announced by the company at the keynote of its annual developer conference, which will take place from May 8 to May 11 in Mountain View, California. The ‘Smart Compose’ feature is a part of Gmail’s redesign, and will be available for new Gmail users in the coming weeks, while G Suite customers should be able to access it in the coming months.

“Email makes it easy to share information with just about anyone—friends, colleagues and family—but drafting a message can take some time. Last year, we introduced Smart Reply in Gmail to help you quickly reply to incoming emails. Today, we’re announcing Smart Compose, a new feature powered by artificial intelligence, to help you draft emails from scratch, faster,” said Paul Lambert, product manager in a blog post.

Gmail’s ‘Smart Compose’ feature can be used to put in common phrases in between sentences, write greeting and closing, as well as suggests complete sentences in emails to help draft mails faster. It works in the background and only suggests as users write emails like they normally would. To use suggestions, click the “tab” button. The ‘Smart Compose’ feature essentially helps cut back on repetitive writing. It also reduces the chance of spelling and grammatical errors.

The feature is only available for users who have updated to the new Gmail. Those looking to update can do so by going to Settings > “Try the new Gmail.” Next, head to the general tab in settings, scroll down and enable “experimental access.” Users will have an option of switching back any time.