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Debarring SSA teachers from 7th pay commission unjustified, unacceptable: Wani

Srinagar, Jul 04: An emergent session of Employees Joint Action Committee was held at its central office under the chair of President EJAC Ab Qayoom Wani in which all state leaders, and presidents of departmental unions affiliated with EJAC participated.
The agenda of the meeting was only to resolve the burning issue of implementation of 7th Pay Commission to SSA teachers, Head teachers and RMSA Masters, and linking their salary with State sector.
All the leaders present in the meeting termed the issue very sensitive and based on logic. It was felt that Govt is unnecessarily harassing SSA teachers and RMSA Masters by debarring them from 7th pay commission which is unacceptable to the employee fraternity.
The nation builders are in mental trauma and it can directly or indirectly effect the academics of lakhs of students. All the leaders in the meeting assured the teaching fraternity that until and unless the issue of SSA teachers, Head teachers and RMSA Masters is not resolved, EJAC will support their justified demands.
All the leaders urged upon the Govt to release 7th pay commission in favour of SSA teachers, Head teachers and RMSA Masters and link their salaries with State sector so that these teachers will come out of mental trauma and will smoothly perform their duties in their schools.
President EJAC Abdul Qayoom Wani announced in the meeting that if Govt failed to resolve the issue of SSA teachers upto 10 July, then the leadership of EJAC, District executives and volunteers of EJAC will hold a peaceful march from Sheri Kashmir Park Srinagar to Civil Secretariat on 11 July to show solidarity with the teaching fraternity and press for resolution of their justified and genuine demands and a memorandum in this behalf will be presented to Government on this day.
Ab Qayoom Wani warned that if Govt failed to take concrete steps in releasing 7th pay commission in favour of SSA teachers, Head teachers and RMSA Masters, then Five lakh employees of the state will fight shoulder to shoulder with teaching fraternity for their legitimate rights.
Wani advised the leadership of EJAC to make 11 July peaceful protest a historical and result oriented and remain in touch with the volunteers of EJAC.
He made it clear to the Govt that EJAC will not remain silent on this sensitive and human issue. EJAC President urged upon His Excellency Governor of State N N Vohra, Advisors to Governor B B Viyas and Khursheed Ahmad Ganie, to intervene in the matter and issue orders for implementation of 7th Pay Commission in favour of SSA teachers, Head teachers and RMSA Masters and linking their salaries with State sector, so that these trs may come out of mental trauma.
Wani said that we don’t want confrontation but ignoring legitimate demands of the employees compels us to resort the path of agitation.
He urged upon the EJAC leadership for making the programme of 11 July peaceful to ensure discipline during the protest.