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Chappell calls Dhoni the greatest finisher ever

New Delhi:The jury may be still out on whether MS Dhoni can finish the games or not, but former Australia captain Ian Chappell still considers Dhoni the “best finisher” in the 50-over format. “Nobody has Dhoni’s nerve for finishing off matches. Many times I’ve thought ‘he’s left it too late this time’, only to be amazed as he produced a couple of powerful shots to bring India a nail-biting victory,” Chappell wrote in his column in ESPNcricinfo. “His outward calm is no illusion since his tactical adeptness in these situations is proof his brain continues to work perfectly.”

Drawing a comparison with Michael Bevan, who is considered to be one of the greatest finishers of the game, Chappell said Dhoni has surpassed the former Australian No. 6. “Where Bevan finished matches with fours, Dhoni does so with sixes. The one area — running between wickets — where you’d expect the fleet-footed Bevan to have an advantage is debatable, because even at age 37, Dhoni is among the quickest in the game,” he wrote.


“Even allowing for improved bats and the advantage of playing T20 cricket, statistically Dhoni is superior to Bevan. There can be no argument — Dhoni is the best ODI finisher.”