CCTV Cameras and Speed Governors Becomes Mandatory for Passenger Vehicles in Doda

Srinagar: In response to a recent tragic road accident in Doda district that resulted in the loss of 39 lives and injuries to over 20 individuals, the Jammu and Kashmir government has made it mandatory for all passenger vehicles, especially matadors and buses, to install CCTV cameras.

A meeting held at the mini-conference hall of the DC office in Doda aimed to bolster safety measures and closely oversee transportation operations, as reported by The Tribune.

Deputy Commissioner Harvinder Singh, who chaired the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) and the District Road Safety Committee (DRSC), issued directives requiring essential information such as PCR and traffic toll-free numbers, driver and vehicle details, and prescribed speed limits for specific roads to be displayed in every passenger vehicle. Additionally, Singh stressed the installation of speed governors in all passenger vehicles to monitor and prevent overspeeding.

An assessment of the district’s Advance Life Support (ALS) ambulance fleet was also mandated to ensure swift emergency responses. Various road safety issues were discussed to mitigate risks associated with commuting.

The DRSC decided to pinpoint areas with poor visibility (less than 100 meters) as potential high-risk zones and scheduled a road safety audit within 20 days to proactively address hazards. Installing speed limit indicators was emphasized to enhance safety measures.

To ensure a comprehensive approach to road safety, stringent measures, including checkpoints in sensitive areas to monitor overspeeding and overcrowding, were mandated.

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