Srinagar : Burglars ‘targetted’ Kalvi Dhar Gurudwara in Jawahar Nagar area of Srinagar and decamped with cash from the donation box and some valuables.

Officials said that police was informed about the incident after authorities at Gurdwara found the lock at the entrance broken.

A police team from Rajbagh Police Station along with FSL team reached the spot, officials said.

Locals said that it was found that the cash around Rs two lakh kept in a cash box used for donations was missing.

Efforts are being made to identify the men behind the crime, officials said —(KNO)

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  1. How the hell do u know its Muslims if they haven’t even found the people or identified anyone. U guys just need a fucking excuse to blame anything and I mean ANYTHING on Muslims. Kashmir doesn’t only have Muslims they have Hindus too how do u know that it could even be a Sikh person involved in the looting but you guys just want to jump to conclusion before investigating. Also if one Muslims commits a crime don’t involve all Muslims just look at what’s happening in India to how they are killing and robbing Muslims houses and raping their women. We Muslims don’t blame all Hindus but only those who are involved in it. U need to think before u speak. Go and research then maybe come back and leave these dumb comments.i respect Hindus and Sikhs and all other religions if they mind their own business and give the same respect in return.

  2. So this result or reward for all the good done by Sikhs for Kashmiris and other Muslims all over the world!! Sikhs’ DNA is to help the needy, oppressed, and destitute irrespective of cast and religion. But I think Sikhs will need to rethink especially when it comes to the ungrateful Muslims, as Muslims have not appreciated the services of Sikhs even when Sikhs rendered the same at peril to their lives. Shame on you Kashmiris!!

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