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ADHD In Children: 10 Common Symptoms


It is normal for your child to forget his homework or act without thinking or fidget around the dinner table once in a while. But beyond a certain point, it stops being normal. After that, it rather becomes a cause of concern. Such impulsive, hyperactive and inattentive behaviors are signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a complex mental disorder which affects your child’s performance at school and in their personal relationships. The symptoms of ADHD are customary to the child’s experiences so there is a good chance that they may vary in all kids.
Here are 10 most common symptoms of ADHD in children. Take a look.

  1. Self-focused behavior

A common sign of this condition is an inability to focus too other people’s needs. ADHD affect children end up being ignorant to what others feel and are restricted to them. This can result in interruptive behaviors; interrupting people while talking and bringing up a personal topic of interest. These kids also have a tough time waiting for their turn to play or to do some fun activities.

  1. Emotional turmoil

ADHD affected kids may have a tough time keeping their emotions in check. There can be episodes of anger outbursts at odd times. Young kids may also show temper tantrums.

  1. Fidgeting

Kids with ADHD find it difficult to sit still. They have a tendency to run around, jump here and there. If you try to make them sit in one place, they may start fidgeting and squirming in their chair.

  1. Being loud while playing

ADHD affected kids are prone to fidgeting, which makes it difficult for them to play peacefully or play quietly. They end up screaming, yelling and fail to engage in activities in a calm manner.

  1. Not finishing tasks

Kids with ADHD find a lot of things interesting and fun to do. This is why they do not have the habit of completing their tasks. From school projects to household chores, before completing one task, these may find something else and would run to anything which catches their interest.

  1. Lack of focus

A kid with ADHD is likely to have lack of focus. Even if you sit with them and talk directly, they may not be able to repeat back the things which you just told them.

  1. Avoiding tasks which need mental effort

Lack of interest in tasks which need mental effort usually comes from lack of focus. Children with ADHD are more likely to avoid tasks which need any form of mental effort, like paying attention in class or completing home work.
8. Mistakes

ADHD affected kids have a hard time following instructions and executing plans accordingly. This can lead to careless mistakes but it does not indicate lack of intelligence of laziness on the child’s part.

  1. Daydreaming

These kids are usually not so loud. They prefer staying in their own place and are less involved with other kids. They stare in empty spaces and daydream most of the time.

  1. Forgetfulness

Kids with ADHD have a tendency to forget things every now and then. They forget doing the daily household chores and their homework as well. They also have a tendency to lose pencils and toys very often.