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A complete guide to buying Gold Jewellery

There are two main reasons for people to purchase gold jewellery. The first one is the very obvious reason for ‘investment’. Gold is undoubtedly one of the best investments you can ever do. As the years pass, the rate of gold just increases and there is no sign of it going down. The second reason is the ‘genuine love’ for gold and fashion. Wearing gold makes you look elegant and classy. Practically, gold will not lose its look and value even after decades or centuries. As mentioned, gold is one of the valuable properties that you can afford. It is important to know some of the important points on gold before you purchase it.

  • Fake gold vs Pure gold 

As demand for gold is on the increase, sellers with fake gold are cheating people to gain money. So make sure you don’t fall prey to these kinds of sellers. If you are going to buy gold pendant designs, check twice before you purchase from a seller. It is always recommended to buy from a reputable seller. 

  • Gold purity 

We would have heard of 24 karat gold. 24 karat gold is the original 100% pure gold. If you buy 24 karat gold, you will have gold that is not adulterated or mixed with alloys of other metals. This means a safe investment. You will get your money double or triple its price when you try to sell it after many years. 

  • 24 karat gold

24 karat gold is suitable for investment. If you are going to purchase gold for regular use prefer low karat gold. Low karat gold jewellery is manufactured along with other metals to make strong alloys. This will make the gold harder and stronger and suitable for regular wear. 

If you are going to buy agold chain for girls, you can go for 18 to 20 karat pieces as it will be used occasionally. 

  • Types of gold 

There are three main types of gold every gold owner should know about: Gold plated, gold filled, and solid gold. We would recommend you to buy solid gold jewellery as it is composed of solid gold. They will yield you a high profit when you sell them years after. Gold plated jewellery is something that has gold only on its external surface. The base metal will be something else, whereas gold filled with jewellery is filled with gold but along with some other metals to make a tough alloy. Gold-filled jewellery is preferred for regular uses as it will resist friction and hard usage. They will not change color over time or fade. The disadvantage of gold plated jewellery is they will not yield you much profit when you sell it and they will also wear off very quickly as they are usually weak and thin. 

  • Gold colors

When it comes to colors, gold is white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, green gold Etc. You can buy them according to your liking and preference. 

  • Comparison

When you purchase gold, make sure you compare the jewellery between two or three stores. Do not settle for the first store you see.

Each store will have different ways to fix prices. You can save a considerable amount by comparing each store. Also, look for Hallmark quality.