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Why US shifted its diplomatic mission to Jerusalem

This was a bizarre celebrations in the world history, where on the same land inauguration function and deadly clashes happened simultaneously. 58 unarmed protesters were killed by Israel soldiers and 2700 were injured on the 70th anniversary of controversial formation of Israel state and the controversy and Israel occupation in Palestinian territories was more strengthen when United States as first country shifted its diplomatic mission to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.
This diplomatic shift by United States strengthen division in Israel Palestine conflict and is major threat to peace and religious harmony. Jerusalem is century’s old historical religious sacred place for Jews for 3000 years, to Christians for 2000 years and to Muslims for 1400 years. There is no doubt, Jerusalem is the core of Israel Palestine conflict, Jews and Arabs are divided on religious lines, but world leaders like US as mediators failed to introspect that religion could have been the road map to peace and reconciliation. Despite US knows Jerusalem is connected with faith but their shift has made this issues more sensitive and road to peace seems in Israel Palestine conflict seems getting more challenging.
Despite the last year UN Jerusalem vote, in which 128 countries vote against Israel, still United States keep its rigid behaviour and dragged Israel Palestine in the state of never ending conflict. Jerusalem is already historically and religiously divided place, United Nations has never recognized Jerusalem as capital, although United Nations General assembly resolution 194 envisages Jerusalem as international city.
There had been a good record of peace mediation efforts by United States in Israel Palestine conflict during democratic rule. Barack Obama after taking office initiated peace talks between Israel and Palestine in 2009, the peace efforts also persuaded Benjamin Netanyahu to halt settlement for ten months in west bank. Now the US republicans under the leadership of Donald Trump has changed its stand on Israel Palestine conflict and 70 years neutrality has come to an end.
The shift of US embassy in Jerusalem has made Israel -Palestine more complex and sensitive, the place is surrounded by faith, now the diplomatic move by US dragged Jerusalem into international politics. The status of International city given by United Nations declared Jerusalem is equal for all faiths and kept it away from any occupation, but Israel has been taking strong hold in east Jerusalem and violated numerous United Nations resolution.
The centre of Israel Palestine conflict- Jerusalem was only hope to maintain religious tolerance in the region and ensure equal peaceful religious practice for Jews, Muslims and Christians. Unfortunately, the biased support from United States will bring serious consequences and peace negotiation between Israel Palestine seems to be very difficult. This move has exposed the clear stand of US and declared that Palestine sovereignty does not value for them. United States as responsible member of United Nations violated International law by diluting the position of International community on Jerusalem.
The immediate shift of US policy in Israel Palestine conflict was widely criticized by its allied countries especially United Kingdom, France and European Union. Turkey and South Africa has withdrawn its ambassador from Israel after this controversial move. This mighty hostile move of US embassy was declared as threat to peace and change in status quo of Jerusalem. Since, Israel Palestine conflict is purely ethnic conflict directly related to faith, therefore it needs humane approach to bring into peaceful solution. United States has ignited fuel to this dispute and provoked Muslim countries with his immediate policy shift towards centuries old Israel Palestine conflict.
This hostile shift by US made it clear that it cannot be peace mediator in Israel Palestine conflict, therefore the world leaders need to stand as peace mediators and support United Nations to ensure sustainable peace in Jerusalem and other occupied Palestinian territories.
Here we need to think, that US has deliberately initiated this shift to take front for Israel and it seems predictable that US Government will start doing back channel advocacy with other countries and make efforts to motivate other countries to shift their embassies in Jerusalem. Likewise Israel will push other countries to shift embassies to dilute the nature of conflict and present Jerusalem as capital of Israel.
The city of Jerusalem is associated with faith and its moral obligation to respect the faith and support communal harmony in Jerusalem. They holy city of Jerusalem is equally important for Muslims, Jews and Christians, the entire compound cannot belong to Israel.