Watch: Elephant undergoes X-ray

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Imagine an elephant undergoing an X-ray!

A video of an elephant undergoing an X-ray in a health center is breaking the internet.

A Twitter user shared a video of an animal undergoing an X-ray. “I am sure you have never seen such a cooperative patient coming in for an X-Ray.”

The video shows an elephant quietly entering the lab with an attendant. The animal patiently waits there without making any fuss till the lab technician gets the machine ready.

You will be surprised to see how the animal obediently follows his attendant’s instructions and goes on to lie down on the floor to get the X-ray.

As instructed, the jumbo lies there and cooperates with the lab technicians. It seems as if the elephant understood what was happening in and around it, and responded patiently.

“Such gentle, intelligent giants! I hope we can all be worthy of their trust & affection,” said a user

“Incredible. She is so cooperative,” said another.

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