Watch: Daily Income from ‘Gol Gappa’ Stall Surpasses the Salaries of Many Corporate Employees

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Street food vendors, considered to be part of the informal sector, are now challenging the conventional wisdom that a steady 9-to-5 job is the key to financial stability.

A recent video on Instagram, shared by user @vijay_vox in collaboration with @college_arena, shows a conversation with a gol gappa stall owner whose daily earnings appear to surpass that of many traditional corporate workers. The post, however, does not mention where the clip was shot.

Gol gappa, also known as pani puri or puchka in different regions of India, is a popular street food known for its spicy and tangy flavour.

The video revealed that the average daily income of a gol gappa stall in urban areas could go up to Rs 2,500 per day which translates to a monthly earning of Rs 75,000, well over the salary earned in entry-level or even many mid-level corporate positions.

Gol gappa vendors have successfully been able to capitalise on the rising street food culture among Indians and have turned their stalls into mini culinary experiences. Many vendors are now offering a variety of flavoured waters, unique fillings, and even organic options, transforming the simple street snack into a gourmet delight.

Instagram users expressed their shock and awe at the vendor’s earnings, with one person posting, “For their hard work they deserve that bro,” while a second user wrote, “Not me calculating his monthly and annual income”.

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