Video: Monkey Snatches Man’s iPhone at Vrindavan Temple, Strikes a ‘Deal’ for Its Return

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Monkey menace is common in Indian cities like Mathura and Vrindavan. There have been several incidents where monkeys, known for their mischievous behaviour, snatch the personal belongings of people and have to be coaxed or bribed to return them. In a similar incident, a monkey stole a man’s iPhone in Vrindavan and what happened next was quite amusing, to say the least. A video shared on Instagram claims that the incident happened at Sri Rangnath Ji Mandir in Vrindavan on January 6. 

The video opens to show two monkeys sitting atop a structure, with one of them holding a man’s pricey iPhone. Meanwhile, a crowd can be seen gathered around, attempting to help the man retrieve his phone from the monkey. They strike a deal with the monkey by throwing a pack of Frooti at it. As soon as the monkey catches hold of the drink, it quickly drops the phone. An alert person on the ground swiftly caught the phone, 

A video of this incident was shared on Instagram by user Vikas with a caption that reads, ”Vrindavan’s Monkeys. iPhone sold in one frooti.”

Watch the video here:

The video has sparked amusement and hilarity online with many saying that monkeys have become quite intelligent as they have learned to steal phones and eyeglasses to negotiate them for food. Many also shared similar experiences. 

One user wrote, “This is called the barter system.” Another said, “Monkeys have new ideas on how to get food.” A third said, ”The deal is to know how to exchange something that the monkey likes.”

A fourth added, ”Vrindavan monkeys are best traders.” Some called them ”schemers” and ”professionals.”

A few months back, a similar incident happened in Bali when a monkey returned a woman’s phone only after she offered it two fruits. 

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