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Trump’s U-Turn on Pakistan

Former spy chief of Pakistan late Hameed Gull had all along stood for taking a strong position against America rather than toeing to its line on Afghanistan. However, different governments—right from Musharraf to Nawaz Sharief chose to ignore Gen Gull’s advice, and instead play only second fiddle to America. That cost Pakistan heavily in terms of men and material. The anti American militant groups inside Pakistan and Afghanistan got a readily available pro American target in the form of Pakistan to take revenge of American’s who attacked Kabul in the aftermath of 9/11 terror attacks in New York. The carpet bombing by US army killed civilians and destroyed vast swaths of Afghanistan instantly. The Americans targeted civilians, school children, marriage ceremonies, Taliban and everything that came their way.

Thousands of Afghans have got killed since the US invasion in 2001. The Afghans which are known for not accepting any foreign control fought back and brought the world’s super-most to the knees. But Pakistan, in the meantime, became hub of bloody attacks for being a partner in America’s so called war on terror. These elements later got monetary and arms assistance from the adversaries of Pakistan making it a battle of Pakistan Vs Pakistan. Pakistan, indeed, had to pay a huge price for being America’s partner in war on terrorism. Its areas bordering with Afghanistan became hub of anti Pakistan terrorists. It took almost 10 years of military operation to eliminate the terrorists and clear the area from them. Around 30,000 Pakistan soldiers are reported to have died in the operations against terrorists during this period. But it still proved a thankless task for Pakistan. America always wanted Pakistan to do more. The resurge of Taliban in Afghanistan caught America in blind alley. It found no way other than leaving from a country it had entered into with the aim of staying permanently there. America tried to conceal its failures by putting blame on Pakistan. The rise of Trump to the government in Washington was the most difficult period for Pakistan. Trump directly accused Pakistan of harbouring and sponsoring the terrorists, and wanted Pakistan to fight the America’s war in Afghanistan. Trump issued threat and warnings to Pakistan with the intention that like in the past it would succumb to such pressure. But as it saw Taliban capturing more and more areas, Trump stopped all military and economic aid to Pakistan to make Islamabad more pliable. America even threatened Pakistan of military action if it did not comply the US orders. But much to the chagrin of Trump, Pakistan saw the rise of Imran Khan on the power horizon of Pakistan. Imran Khan, in his very first statement on foreign policy said that his country would no more be a partner in war with America. He said that Pakistan would now on be partner in peace. This infuriated the American Trump further but the firmness with which Imran Khan meant it finally made the American’s feel their folly. Last week Imran Khan reminded the Americans that Islamabad was no more ready to become hired gun of any other country. It against this backdrop the American President Donald Trump has made a written plea to Imran Khan to help in resolving the Afghanistan issue and establishing peace in the decades old war torn country. It is unprecedented that Trump is seeking help from the same Pakistan which he accused of ‘lies and deceit’ in a New Year tweet. In fact, only recently he accused Pakistan of providing shelter to al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden — something that led to a war of words between him and Prime Minister Imran Khan. So, what has really prompted Trump to take a U-turn and reach out to a country, which he earlier thought, only deceived the United States? The answer is the never-ending war in Afghanistan. American officials have now admitted that the Taliban control more than 60 per cent of the territory in Afghanistan. Hence, the Trump administration has finally come to the conclusion that there is no other option but to talk to the Taliban. The U-Turn by Donald Trump is a huge indicator that no country, howsoever powerful it could be is invincible. It needs the courage of saying no to get it on knees. Though belatedly, Gen Gull has proved right.