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School reopening: Managements plan online-offline mix for primary, junior classes in Kashmir

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Srinagar: Schools have decided to adopt a mix of online and offline classes up to the eighth standard from the next month.

Several schools have decided to continue with online classes for those students who would skip offline mode due to pandemic.

Some schools have decided to go for rotational online and offline classes in March. And others have decided to start offline classes below eight standard during the latter part of March.

Authorities have allowed schools to devise their specific reopening plans with strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols.

In some instances, parents have even forced a change in the earlier schedules announced by the schools.

“Our schools had first notified that there will be morning and afternoon shifts but the same was vehemently opposed by parents especially those that have two wards in different classes. It would have been tough for parents/ guardians or private van drivers to visit the schools four times a day to pick up and drop their wards. Now, half the class will have offline classes for three days a week and the other half for the remaining three days. Regular classes of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be broadcast for the other half and vice-versa,” said a parent, whose son is studying in one of the missionary schools.

While some schools are resuming classes in a phased manner, several others have decided to continue with online classes from LKG to the seventh standard from March 1.

Lower classes in several other schools too will have online classes from March 1 but will switch to offline gradually during the latter part of the month.

“For grades 5, 6 & 7 the classes will start from March 10 at our school. For grades 1, 2, 3 & 4 the classes will start from March 17, and for preschool and KG levels the classes will start from April 1,” said a parent whose ward is studying at a reputed school.

Akhter Hussein, coordinator of the Alliance of Private Schools Association (APSA), an amalgam of several school associations, said the schools were individually taking a call on adhering to Covid safety protocols vis-a-vis reopening of classes.

When asked about the course of action in case the students did not turn up in good numbers for classes, Hussein said: “We will take a call in a week or a fortnight as we first have to see how many students will come. If 95 percent of students come, then it won’t be a problem. In that case, we can then take a call on school to school basis about the remaining five percent. We will assess the situation first.”