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People have rejected ‘BJP-RSS’: Congress

Srinagar, Oct 20: Reacting to the results of recently concluded Urban Local Bodies (ULB) elections in the state, Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President, G A Mir said that people have rejected BJP-RSS as is evident by the poll outcome.
Addressing a presser here at party headquarters, Mir thanked people for voting against the BJP and its allied force, which according to him were hell bent upon to grab power in valley through ULBs, but the people have defeated their designs once again.
Reacting to the outcome of ULB election results, Mir expressed gratitude, saying that people of North, South and Central Kashmir, besides Leh, Kargil, Chenab and Pir Panchal have once again rejected the BJP-RSS ideology and congratulated them.
He said BJP and its allied forces put in their strenuous efforts to take advantage of the extremely volatile situation, but the people have defeated their designs. “The ULB elections have exposed the designs of BJP-RSS, the victory of Congress and other Secular forces amounts to defeating the Communal and fascist forces,” Mir said.
People have once again reposed their faith in the programmes and policies of Congress Party, in true sense, for the fact they have not only rejected, but defeated the politics of exploitation on the part of BJP RSS and their allied forces in the State, he said.
He said Congress party will continue to remain steadfast to serve people to the best of its ability ensuring that the communal and fascist forces are defeated to safeguard the secular fabric of the Country.
Mir said that Congress is an instrument of service to the people and it will continue to safeguard the interests of the State and people as well.