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Motorola’s Foldable Razr Phone May Offer Limited Number of Apps on Second Screen

Motorola is reportedly working on reviving the iconic Razr brand by launching a foldable smartphone later this year. While not much is known about Motorola’s foldable offering apart from speculations and concept renders, some purported software features of the upcoming smartphone have now been leaked online. For example, the secondary display can be used to scroll content when the device is in the unfolded state. Also, Motorola will only allow a small set of apps to function properly on the secondary display.

According to a report in XDA Developers, the upcoming foldable smartphone, whose development has already been confirmed by Motorola, will not offer the same full Android experience that can be had on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The report also suggests that the secondary display will only display content from a small group of pre-installed system apps. The functionality of the secondary display, which can be accessed when the device is folded or in the flip state, has been restricted by Motorola to only let users interact with apps like Moto Display, Moto Actions, and the Moto Camera.


As for the other features, the secondary display could also act as a trackpad, allowing users to accomplish tasks like scrolling through web pages on Chrome as well as sifting through the Recents screen. Additionally, the display will show a maximum of six quick settings that will appear in the form of tiles. However, it is not known whether the users will be able to scroll down and access more quick settings tiles. When the camera is being used, the users will be able to tap on the main display to click the picture and also use swipe up gesture for zooming in.

The users will also be able to see the Google Assistant animation on the secondary display when the virtual assistant is activated, provided they choose to enable this feature. If the Google Assistant is activated and the feature is not enabled, the users will be prompted to flip open the smartphone after entering the password.

Motorola may also introduce a neat feature that will allow users to set different wallpapers for the main screen and the secondary display. Lastly, the company is also reportedly testing features such as allowing the Moto Display app to show pulsing notifications, a clock as well as a tool to control media from the secondary display. The aforementioned features are not official and some of them may not even make it to the final product, so do take these with a bit of scepticism.