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Militants release video of Baramulla attack, police says ‘we killed all including the one shooting the video’

File Photo: KM/Umar Ganie

Srinagar: Two days after the militant attack in Kreeri Baramulla, a purported video of it has been leaked on social media by militants.

In the video purportedly shot by one the militants who was part of the attack, the attackers are seen firing at the armed forces and snatching weapons from them.


Reacting to it, J&K police said Friday morning said that the video was an attempt to glamourise militancy.

The police added that it killed all the militants including the one shooting video involved in the Baramulla attack within 72 hours.

“By releasing video of attack, #terrorists want to glamourise #terrorism. But they can’t. We replied by actions & killed 04 top cmdrs, Sajjad @ Haider & FT Taimur Khan @ Abu Usman (seen in said video/attack) & Naseer @ Sad bhai & FT Ali bhai @ Danish within 72 hours.” (GNS)